Accessories - Minox B 1958-72

The Minox B is the first of the Minox 8x11 cameras with a built in coupled meter. The flash bulb and flash cube units have a large grip with a cut out for the meter window. There is no particular advantage to this design and the units made for the Minox C and Minox A work equally as well. The American made fan flash bulb and fan electronic flash unit have a small plate that protected the Minox B meter butter being depressed. The ME2 flash unit has a recess so that the button of both the Minox B and BL are not touched when the ME2 is fitted to the camera.

Binocular Attachment ring | 50s 3/8" | 50s fur | 50s (early) | 50s (late) | 60s (metal) | 60s (plastic) | 70s (plastic) | 70s ( black jaw) | 80s (LX) | 80s (LX, tripod) |

cases B

electronic flash | USA | ME1 ASA | ME1 DIN | ME1 black | ME1 case | ME2 ASA | ME2 DIN | ME2 black | hot shoe 8x11 | ECX

filters A B&W : yellow, ND, UV | B B&W : Yellow, Orange, Blue | Color Correction R3, R6, blue | C R3, R6, green | MX ND

flash bulb units  B-C Fan flash | Model U | A | B

flash cube units  B4 | C4 | FL4

Right Angle Finder:  A early (grey blue box, blue lining) | A later (grey blue box, white lining) | C 60s (dark blue box) | C 70s (bright blue box)

Reflex finder : A early brown box with gold logo | A later (grey blue box) |

tripods | 3/8" | 3/8" Mk II | 50s grey box | early 60s blue green box | 60s | 70s | 70s late | 80s | 80s Mk II | boxes | cases | cable releases

tripod attachments | Riga ball | Riga rotating | 3/8" | 3/8" lock | 50s fur grey | 50s grey blue | 50s grey blue white | 50s grey off white | 60s | 60s black wheel | 60s long arm | 70s

Last Updated on 27th January 2002