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Ebay 2005/11/08 250USD (original box and certificate), 2006/01/30 199USD, 2007/08/20 199USD

About 120 black Riga type boxes here found in Jürgen's former home in Wetzlar. These boxes are un-marked and differ from either the VEF-Riga boxes or the later Minox A black boxes. It would appear these may have been for the abandoned post-War production of Riga-Minox  cameras in Wetzlar. Unfortunately these boxes and reproduction cases are now being sold without disclosing the source, making the camera look more authentic than it is.

Ebay 2005/04/15 20EUR,

Riga red box Ebay 2006/11/21 99USD

Riga boxes Ebay 2007/03/27 122.50USD

Last Updated on 28th March 2007