Minox 8x11 - accessory shoe

 The Minox A with synchronisation for flash was released in 1954 but there was no Minox flash unit to use it until the B-C flash gun for AG1 bulb sold in 1961. To fill the gap a third party accessory shoe was made so that any flash unit with a PC cable could be used with the Minox.

The accessory shoe uses the socket that is used to attach the lanyard chain. The first version has no moving parts. The camera is pressed onto the rubber pad and then twist to lock it in place.

The later version has a short lever on the side which is used to lock the accessory shoe to the camera.

Their is no manufacturer's maker's mark, just "Made in Germany"

02/05/07 32USD
*02/09/11 42.05EUR
03/02/10 10.50USD
03/02/16 30USD
03/02/22 10USD
03/09/21 76.75EUR
03/10/27 19EUR
04/08/09 18.30EUR
04/10/22 34EUR
05/12/25 8.50EUR (with lock)
06/07/06 33.77USD (with lock)
06/07/19 15USD (stripped top, twist to lock, engraved JAPAN)
06/12/12 15GBP (with lock)
07/03/27 20USD (with lock)
08/07/22 5.50GBP (with lock)

Last Updated on 29th July 2008