Minox 8x11 - binocular attachments

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What would any "Spy" camera be without a binocular attachment? The one shown left is a 70s style (with black claws) attachment for attaching any model of Minox (except the EC) to almost any pair of binoculars. The clamp attached the camera to one eyepiece. You set the camera to infinity and focus with another. Double the exposure to take into account the extra glass and that's it. The clamp may mark the eyepiece of the binoculars so you might want to pad the clamp or something. An 8x 40 binocular increases the camera's 15mm focal length by a factor of 8 to 120mm. This is the equivalent to a 400mm focal length 35mm camera.

The binocular attachment can also be used with telescopes and microscopes thanks to the fact that the Minox lens is like the human eye.

The jaws can also be used to grip filter discs and so use a very wide range of attachments. With the tripod bush, on some variations, the binocular attachment can be used as a tripod head.

There are several variations, the first having a ring clamp and a 3/8 inch tripod bush. This was introduced in 1952. The tripod bush being at the base of the cradle for the camera.

All later models, from 1952, use a pair of jaws tighten by a screw. The lock for the camera was metal until the late 60s when a black plastic thumb wheel was introduced. The tripod thread was dropped in the early 70s and shortly after the jaws where made black. The introduction of the LX required another position for the cable release and for the lock to incorporate a screw thread. The late 80s version includes a tripod thread, but this time on the base of the jaws.

The tripod bush is not intended to support more than the camera and filters.

Included with the tripod from the beginning is a cable release jaw that is intended to fit onto the centre of the binoculars. The base of this clamp is a 3/8" tripod bush with a 1/4" insert. This can be used to support some binoculars on a tripod. This piece is frequently missing when resold and was discontinued in the 90s.

Prices vary from 20GBP (27USD) to 75GBP (105USD).

The eleven binocular attachments include 2 1960 black plastic thumb wheel versions with different dates on the instruction sheets.

In 1969 the UK price was 15 18s 11d.

Last Updated on 28th February 2006