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The standard case for the Minox A has a tongue and leather retainer and at one end a chrome plated ring to re-enforce the case where the chains attaches directly to the camera. The chain can only be removed from the case by opening the triangle link to the retaining screw.

The case below was sold in North America. The packaging matches the gold boxes of the period. It was sold for for $6.50 in summer 1970.

The case for the Minox A was sold in August 1956 for 12DEM and offered in brown, red or green Saffian, cow hide black or pig skin (natural colour).

There are minor differences in the case near the leather loop. With the wider loop being the oldest.

The case is re-enforced with a metal band which runs around the case, but stops either side of the hinge. The hinge on later cases has a strip of elastic band.

Chinese red cases for the Minox A are almost as common as the brown case. Seen here with original box.

The hardest to find case seems to be the pig skin, a light golden brown case. Some may escape detection because they have been well used and are now an un-natural dark brown looking more like a damaged brown case than the tan colour beneath. 

Both camera and meter cases, below, are green. They may be of a difference shade of green or the camera case may have seen more use and has darkened with handling. The inside is also a darker green (see photographs above).

brown case
05/09/18 13.49USD
06/10/11 32USD
red case
04/12/30 64.78EUR
red case + red light meter case
04/02/25 51.75USD
original case and chain
02/06/11 26.50EUR
* 03/02/12 12.50EUR
03/03/25 70USD
04/02/24 37.50USD

05/07/28 24USD imperial
05/10/22 60.79USD (green)
06/08/12 8.61EUR (brown)
06/08/12 8.61EUR (brown)

07/02/06 113.50USD (red belt case - or flash unit?)

The zipper case, below, in red and black has been offered for sale on Ebay 2005/04/15 16EUR.

Last Updated on 14th February 2007