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Although the Minox B was manufactured from 1958 until 1972 there is little to distinguish them.

Minox B cases where sold in gold boxes in North America from at least 1962 until 1970. The standard case was $6.50 in Summer 1970.

See also belt cases for the Minox B.

The loop to tuck in the tongue of the top of the case is wider on the earlier case (cameras engraved Wetzlar, before 1961) and the V of the opening deeper.

Cameras were sold with brown, black, green or red cases. The cases were also sold separately.

01/11/13 20DEM (red)
02/09/16 29GBP (green)
02/09/25 33USD (green)
02/02/26 62.67USD (red)
02/02/26 40.57USD
02/07/14 33USD
02/07/18 26USD
02/12/08 24GBP
02/12/13 42USD
03/09/10 52.99USD Black
03/09/10 36USD Brown
04/02/04 104.50EUR (pig skin)
06/01/13 36.13USD (black)
06/05/30 15.55USD (brown)
06/07/03 41USD (black)
06/10/11 83.89 (new red case)

case and chain
* 01/09/19 41USD
* 01/10/23 30USD
01/11/28 45USD
02/02/26 62.67USD (red)
* 02/06/13 24.99USD (red)
02/08/11 23.50USD
02/09/18 31GBP
02/09/25 33USD (green)
03/09/03 26.50USD
05/01/28 30USD
06/01/13 36USD
06/02/15 38.11USD (black)
06/06/14 26.55USD (black)
06/10/11 20.50USD (black)

A crocodile leather case was sold and also supplied with gold cameras.

Minox A and B cases where made again some years after the production creased. These cases are thinner, of a softer leather. The black chain is like the black chain sold with Minox LX cameras; not painted as the original black B chains where.

A rare grey leather case was sold on Ebay for 58USD 2006/10/11

Last Updated on 12th October 2006