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The EC case is made of leather and is a slip on case. The chain end of the camera is open. The ECX case is almost identical but is slightly wider as the ECX camera is more square on at the edges and has the disc around the lens.


The EC Exklusiv set included the Minox 8x11 electronic flash unit. The combi case, below, stores the two (without chain).

The space for the EC camera is barely sufficient to take the 8x11 adapter to fit the TLX and other 8x11 cameras. Including the ME2 adapter, which is a hot shoe allows the flash to be used with B/BL/C/LX/TLX and Minox 35mm cameras and is narrow enough to double up for use the a Tessina (with the ME2's short cable).

slip cases
02/04/16 5.50EUR
02/05/22 10.20EUR
02/06/08 20.51USD
05/01/03 8.55USD
08/02/03 4.54USD
combi case
02/08/12 18EUR
02/10/22 15.50EUR
05/04/11 24USD

Last Updated on 9th February 2008