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With its pearlized snap button and absolutely no company name stampings or markings as the first style case available when the first 1,200 Riga Minox were made, while the next year, the zippered case was made until the War interrupted production.

I suppose because one of the camera price guides, for so many editions, pictured a Riga Minox Camera Case with a zipper, many in the camera collecting community thought that this style was the only style made for the Riga Minox.  But in fact there were at least two others cases for the Riga Minox.

The second version of the snap case is shown below.

The third style is a button down case that resembles cases used for spectacles. Riga # 01947 sold on eBay on 2005/03/21 and Riga # 02119 sold on 2002/01/23 had cases like this.. I

Ebay 2007/04/01 255USD

Zip case and Replica Riga cases

The third version of the Riga case has a zip. The metal zip is of a type no longer made and so when two Riga collectors commissioned replica cases two solutions where produced.

Arndt Kizina from Germany, decided upon a nylon zip of the same size as the original (100mm long, 3mm wide) and the teeth are 'soft' so removing any chance of scratching the camera. The leather is rough structured cow hide leather, saffian leather is out of production for over twenty years. The whole case is handcrafted and was sold for 42EUR.

Two replica cases shown next to a Minox BC flash unit case and a soft case, possible hand made that was sold with Riga #08360. The BC flash case is a little larger than the Riga or Minox A so the cameras rattle around inside it.

The case is idea to protect the Minox Riga and a fraction of the cost of a worn out original case. It is also suitable for the Minox A and EC. With the nylon zip it will not scratch the EC.

Luigi Crescenzi, from Italy, (http://www.leicatime.com) wished to keep the style of the original zip with a small chain. Made in black or brown leather and with the VEF MINOX logo in gold on the top. These are sold for 60EUR

Luigi Crescenzi's cases
01/11/15 65USD
01/11/18 65USD
02/10/15 65USD
* 03/10/26 42.01USD

Original Clip Case
07/03/18 612.34USD

Original Zip Case
07/01/29 105.50USD
08/01/14 121.50USD

Last Updated on 15th January 2008