Minox chains come in metric and imperial lengths with nodes or notches along the snake chain to for 20, 24, 30 and 40 cm with the full length of chain being 60cm. Imperial chains are marked at 8", 10", 12", 18" and the full length is 24".

The fixing of chains to the A and B cameras is different to that of the C, BL and LX models that attach to the ever ready case. The length of the chains to the first node is therefore different. AX and some LX models (CLX, LX 2000 and Gold) also use the style of direct attachment to the camera as found with Minox A and B cameras but replace the twist and turn connector with the screw thread.

Old chains are often found over stretched and frequently the snake part of the chains has been swapped between ever-ready case chains and direct to camera type chains. Below are measurements taken from several chains from Minox A and B cameras, imperial and metric.

All measurements of the chains are in millimetres.

B chain measured from the end of the case pulled along the direction of the


[ o o ]< ----------|--|----|------|-------------O

imperial nodes (lumps of metal) are at 214 (223), 264 (264), 315 (330), 470 (451) mm

metric nodes at 214 (222), 254 ( 226), 314 (330),417 ( 438)

The distance from the camera to the snake part of the chain and fixed on all

Bs is 10mm

The C has the chain attached to the case.

The clip is 26mm from the end of the case to the snake chain. On the very early complan Cs a double triangle link was used to create the extra length needed

[o o o ]< ----------|--|----|------|-------------O

The normal C chain uses a rectangular link to the clip.

imperial 214, 264, 314, 467 mm

metric 212, 250, 310, 410 mm

my Complan C has these at 214, 254, 314, 414 mm but this could be because of the two triangular links or stretching but is the same as for the Minox B chain.

Most of B chains are stretched and have some bends or damaged links. Most of the C chains are near perfect and all the same (within a mm +/- 0.5mm).

Notice that the first and third nodes are almost identical on imperial and metric. The gap difference between 20cm and 24cm is not 2 inches (50.8mm) 8 to 10 inches. 30 cm is close to 12 inches (30.4cm) but 40cm is not 18 inches (45cm) and the ring (tag) should be at 24 (60.8cm) inches or 60cm.

The gaps are correct, so it is the offset to the first node which seems to be 14mm more than the focal length given (as would be expected).

When used the B chain's 10mm link places the end of the snake chain at the front of the camera and this gives 20.4cm to the first node.

The position of the complan lens could be different to that of the Minox lens, but I had always assumed that the difference in the chain between B and C was because of the way it is fixed to the camera.

The AX and gold LX chains are identical to the Minox AIIIs chain measured from the edge of the fitment and the chain parts can be exchanged so all Minox cameras can use the same A/B/AX chain with the appropriate fitment to the camera. It also means that chains can be replaced from new stock.

The measuring chain (still available for Minox A/B or C/BL/LX cases from Minox) ring can be hooked though the rectangular link near the case and hence forms a neck chord. I have carried a pair of Minox Cs or a C and BL in this fashion on many trips including commuter cycling, normally hung out of view under my shirt. However, having seen the results of the clasp coming off a second hand chain it was possibly luck that I never had a chain detach from the end.

The EC neck chord is perfect for the EC camera and having the same clip as on the chains for the C, BL and LX cameras can be also be marked up with beads (sown on thread) at the appropriate length to act as a rough measuring chain.

The ECX uses a primitive spring locking washer for the 'bolt' to the camera body. This falls out very easily and more than one user has reported seeing their new ECX drop to the floor when held by the chord.

Using a chain, particularly with a small camera like the Minox A, AX and EC instils confidence that you will not drop it, or if knocked out of your hand will not fall far.  If you hold a Minox Riga (which has no chain fitment) this becomes even more apparent. The stainless steel is more slippery, the camera surprisingly heavy and frequently they are hard to open- add that to the cost of one of these collector cameras it puts you on edge using one. The chain also is long enough to wrap around a belt several times so it the camera falls out of side pockets it will not travel far. Unfortunately there is no wrist chain, similar to that of the  Minolta MG-s with which it can be secured in a belt case and to the belt.

C chain Ebay 2006/03/29 10GBP
BL chain Ebay 2006/10/11 40USD

B chain Ebay 2006/10/11 25USD (metal ring black)

Last Updated on 13th October 2006