Minox 8x11 - copying arm

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The Model II enlarger was introduced in 1951 and included a copying attachment. For users of the Model I enlarger a copy arm with a clamp was introduced at the same time.

The copy arm can be to any vertical post any set at the correct height by using the measuring chain attached to a fitting on the side of the copying arm. A Minox size block can be placed into the jaws of the copying arm and any camera attached by the 1/4" tripod screw.

In 1956 Minox manufactured a copying table and post unit which has a wooden base made of heavy oak and four rubber feet. The copying arm and portable copying stand where discontinued in 1964.

The copying attachment for the Minox Model II and early Modell II enlargers attaches to the back of the enlarger column. Two pegs align the position and a thumb screw is tightened to lock into place. The base board of the enlarger can be used and the collar turned around so that the copying arm is immediately above the base board. Adjustment to the height are very easy and more flexible than with the copying stand. Minox stopped production in the late 1960s.

The copy arm attachment for the Model II enlarger is screwed to the back of the collar of the enlarger head.

Last Updated on 17th October 2005