Minox 8x11 - special fine grain developers

 In September 1950 Minox introduced a special fine grain developer pack that simplified the process for users of the Minox daylight developing tank. The package consisted of a transparent measuring cup which could store the chemicals, developer, fixing salts and wetting agent in pre-measured glass amulets. These were for a single use and provided long term storage.

In 1952 Minox change the packaging to include 15 sets of developer A and B, fixer and wetting agent sealed in clear plastic bags.

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In 1963 Minox changed house style and now supplied special fine grain developer in satchels suitable for 53ml solution. The chemicals where supplied by Johnson's of Hendon Ltd, London.

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In 1978, in cooperation with Tetenal the developer was supplied in small glass bottles. A rubber plastic sleeve enable the neck of the bottle to be snapped off. The box contained 5 53ml bottles.

Later the developer was packed in plastic bottles with screw cap. (Ebay *02/02/07 9.99USD, 02/09/04 15.50EUR)

Last Updated on 3rd November 2006