Minox 8x11 - MX Flash Units

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In 2001 Minox introduced the Minox MX with flash unit. Some MX flash units have a sensor, like the Acmel MDX strobe, others have this window covered over. Minox recommend that this flash is not used with other Minox cameras. The connector is similar to that of the 8x11 electronic flash and the LX adapter for it will fit the MX strobe. Some owners have found no problem in using this arrangement, others find that their Minox B or C does not synchronise with it.

Model MX flash
Finish/colour matt silver grey
Case optional black leather case for flash and MX camera
Instructions Part of the MX instruction manual
Date of Manufacture  
Current Value 118EUR
Auction Price  
Comment Rarely seen sold separately. Most units where purchased as a set with the MX camera.

Last Updated on 20th October 2005