Minox 8x11 - Slides

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Minox introduced Agfacolor reversal film and the model HP 30 projector (HP for home projector) in 1954.

The first slide mounts where made of aluminium, packed in boxes of 50 with front, back and glass wrapped separately. The completed slides where stored in transparent plastic slide trays. An index sheet can be read without opening the box.

In 1967 Minox introduced light plastic slides hinged with an aluminium mask which has a recess for the slide. The slide is protected front and back by glass.

The slides could now be stored in open-sided magazines for the Minomat slide projector which were sold in their own boxes.

The open top 36 slide magazines appeared in early 1970s with the HP 24 slide projector. Three magazines are stored in a grey plastic stackable box with a transparent top. The new magazines also fit the Minomat and Minotact projectors.

In the 1980s glassless plastic slides that clip together where made. These are more suitable for scanning, but are still thicker than standard 35mm 50x50mm slides and will need an adapter to fit in carriages that are designed for 35mm film.

Last Updated on 21st October 2005