Minox 8x11 - Flash cube units

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First sold in 1966, the B4 was the first Minox flash unit designed to use flash cubes. The flash cube has four AG1 type bulbs with a built in reflector. After use the cube is rotated to the next unused bulb until all four bulbs are used up.

The C4, with short shoe for the Minox C was introduced in 1969. This unit could be used with all the Minox cameras.

The first models where powered by two Mallory PX825 button batteries. By the mid 1970s (X 75 instruction sheet) this was changed to a 5.6 volt PX27 as used in the Minox C and later in the LX.

The original design uses spring contacts, shaped from 'tin' plate. There where problems with some flash cubes making a good electrical contact and so the design was modified to have solid metal blocks pushed up by the spring contact. These in fact where no better, and flash cubes would frequently not fire. This not only lost the photograph but frequently the opportunity to try again was also lost.

The Minox LX was launched at Photokina in 1978. The C4 also got a make-over and became the FL4. The shoe is slightly larger, made of plastic and has a release clip which engages the PC socket on the LX camera. It will also work with previous Minox cameras.

Black anodized versions of the B4, C4 and FL4 were also made. A gold plated version of the FL4 was made for the LX Gold Selection.

Last Updated on 26th October 2005