Minox 8x11 - Light meters - cases

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The case protects the needle of the light meter from moving by the slot where the release button protrudes.

MinoSix cases (left in the photograph below) have wider tongues on the lid; to slide into the leather loop.

The light meters have chains with fobs, like the cameras but no measuring nodes. Some meters where attached to the other end of the camera chain in places of the fob - see green case below. The standard camera chains is now found on other light meters - red case meter.

The case for the light meter was sold in August 1956 for 10.50DEM and offered in brown, red or green Saffian, cow hide black or pig skin (natural colour).

Black light meter case Ebay *2001/08/04 14.99USD

Last Updated on 22nd October 2005