Reflex finder and Right Angled Viewers - Minox 8x11

Right Angle Finder:  A early (grey blue box, blue lining) | A later (grey blue box, white lining) | B 50s (grey box) | B 60s (dark blue box) | C 60s (dark blue box) | C 70s (bright blue box)
Reflex finder :
A early brown box with gold logo | A later (grey blue box) | A black | B 50s (grey box) | B 60s (dark blue box)

The Minox is idea for candid photography and to assist in this Minox provided two accessories, the right angle viewfinder and reflex prism.

The right angle viewfinder puts a mirror at 45 degrees behind the viewfinder so that the camera points to the right of the position that the photographer appears to be viewing.

The prototype right angle viewfinder was fitted to the cradle of a binocular attachment. The first viewfinder mirror was introduced in 1956. It consists of a cap over the flash end of the camera, with two lightly sprung clips coated in soft black plastic. The silvered mirror position next to the viewfinder.

The Minox B, with meter in the flash end requires the flange to be longer than with the type A right angled mirror. It includes a cut out for the light meter window.

In 1967 a much less expensive viewfinder mirror was designed to fit both the Minox A and Minox B cameras. Made of grey plastic it clips into place using the raised rim that surrounds the dials. This was also idea for the Minox C and Minox BL.

The reflex prism attaches to the end of the camera and does not cover the viewfinder. It operates as a waist level finder giving a bight sharply defined image. A separate version was made for the Minox B with a cut out for the light meter. They were discontinued along with the metal right angled viewfinders due to lack of demand.

Cases were made for the viewfinder attachments between 1959 and 1960. A choice of brown or black pouches with button down studs.

Oddly the plastic right angle finder was discontinued with the launch of the LX. The LX has a different line with the larger release button and the traditional raised rim removed. The filters and the right angle finder will not fit.

Last Updated on 22nd October 2005