Minox 8x11 - slitters

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Minox had traditionally supplied a wide range of film for the Minoxer that covered most needs. For the dedicated Minoxer these could never match the choice available to the 35mm photographer.

Slitters have been available from a number of sources but most have been for slitting to 16mm film. Two where made available in Japan. two Minox cutters, all made in Japan. One version was made by Knox Photo Service of Tokyo, with a MINOX label on side, it used two rotary cutter to slice 35mm film into two Minox strips. This cutter were sold to Japan Minox club.

Acmel introduced in 1991, a slitter for 8x11 film, made by Asanuma in Tokyo, which was then marketed for a limited period by Minox and MicroTech in the USA. The Acmel/Minox slitter is made from metal, with rubberised film path with no burrs or rough edges. The slitter is rugged and a precisely made as the camera themselves. The slitter is an essential accessory for the Minox hobbyist!

Last Updated on 7th February 2002