B - Minox 8x11 lattice black/gold bi-colour (metric)

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Finish Lens Meter Focus Engraving
chrome, black, gold
Complan lens Lattice cell Metric/DIN, Imperial (Feet. inch)/ASA Logo, no Wetzlar B USA

Not gold and not black this bi-colour hybrid, 'hermaphrodite'1 or "frankenminox"2 is in near mint and un-used condition with a perfect crocodile leather case and gold chain. This is just as well as the fit between the meter end and the chain end is poor making it hard to close. The DIN meter dial fell off during the time it took to take the photographs - Minox's glue, when heated to about 210-230 degrees F (98 - 110 C) will loosen its grip.

This Minox B appeared on Ebay and sold for 600USD December 2002. The gold anodised reflex mirror appeared on Ebay June 2003, selling for 80USD and was resold with the Minox B privately for 600EUR. It had been offered on the Minox web site for 850EUR.

"Minox B bicolour gold/black like NEW with owner's manual, golden chain, new crocodile leather case in black, new right angle finder Type B in gold; Serial-No. 746987 (this camera and finder is made by an Minox worker in 1963 for a special gift, it has original golden parts like an golden B and the other parts are in black finish like black B. The camera is never used!)"

This allegorical story is often repeated (black/silver and silver/black are more common), like the car factory worker who after years of taking work home eventually had enough to make a rather unique car.

The gold parts are on aluminium where as a true gold B was gold plate on brass and the camera is much heavier. The black parts are identical in finish to black B cameras but feels a heavier coating; which might explain the poor fit when attempting to close the camera. Black B lattice is 92g and the bi-colour black/gold is 93g.

The camera is smart looking, and resembles the genuine LX 2000 millennium edition.

Model Minox B bi-colour hybrid
Serial # 746987
Finish/colour black and gold
Case crocodile leather with gold chain
Purchased 2003/10/12
Date of Manufacture by serial number, 1962
Cost 600EUR
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay 2002/12/17 600USD (camera), 2003/06/15 80USD (right angle finder)

Last Updated on 25th November 2001

1.  From http://www.minoxlab.com/images/return.htm follow Collate/Colours to view some interesting cameras, a 'hermaphrodite' Minox B, partly in black and partly in chrome. It's the "Meisterstueck" (masterpiece) he made to prove his skills when he was an apprentice at the Minox factory in Heuchelheim. Many such cameras were made in two colours to distinguish them from assembly-line products. They were assembled by a single person, a single pair of hands. Thanks to Peter Zimmerman

2. Termed by Martin Doctor about a bi-coloured A shown at <http://www.minoxdoc.com/variantsl.htm#The Black Trinity>