Contax I - Minox Classic Collection 8x11

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( February 2002- present) 63x40x45mm, 99g

The legendary Contax I in MINOX style:

Dimensions just fractionally bigger than a matchbox - this is one of the features of the new Contax I. A true reproduction of the original camera, made to the scale of 1:2.5 by MINOX, the famous specialist for miniature cameras and adding another masterpiece to the MINOX Classic Camera Collection. Embedded in an elegant wooden box, this superb replica makes the design features of the original miniature camera stand out and by just holding this brilliant piece of craftsmanship in your hand you sense the treasures that are packed inside.

The Contax I uses the MINOX 8x11mm film and apart from being in full working order also boasts excellent imaging performance through the Minoctar lens f/5.6 15mm (three lens elements in three groups). The metal body and the many individual details taken from the original camera are sure to make the heart of any camera enthusiast beat faster. The accessories include a flash unit making this Classic Camera even suitable for use in low light conditions.

Born in Dresden:

Zeiss Ikon, which was based in Dresden, entered a new age of camera design in 1932. The production of their small and convenient Contax was the first rival to the Leica, which had dominated the market up until that time. The original Contax I had interchangeable lenses and shutter speeds of between 1/25 and 1/1000 second and a later version in 1934 also included speeds of second. The Contax was also the first camera to feature metal leaf-type shutter curtains. Between 1932 and 1938 there were 7 different versions and there was a production of over 36,000 cameras in all.

The legendary MINOX spy camera was also designed during the thirties, by Walter Zapp in Riga. It was from here the camera started its triumphant worldwide success. Since then, MINOX has been known as the expert in the field of miniaturization. The new Classic Camera Contax I is the result of synergy effects coming from the long-standing tradition of both world famous German brands, Contax und MINOX and it is the new classic edition we have long been waiting for.

Historical Note: Walter Zapp went to Dresden to see Zeiss Ikon, after leaving Riga, and they expressed an interest in the Minox Riga, but not until the war ended. Zapp was asked if he thought they couldn't built a subminiature without his help. He replied that he didn't think they could and he STILL believed that they could not in 1998 (video interview "Die Minox is mein Leben"). So Minox making a Contax I at 1/3 scale 62 years later is ironic. 

A shame that it is only the Megahouse Contax with Minox branding.

Equipped with the MINOX 8 x 11 mm film Minocolor 100 this Classic Camera Contax I comes in an exclusive wooden box.

An ever-ready leather case, straps and lens cover are also available as accessories.

Technical Data MINOX Classic Camera Contax I:



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Last Updated on 14th August 2008