Minox LX - Minox 8x11 Purple (imperial)

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The purple Minox LX below was part of the private collection of Steve Uhrig and this is his story:- (http://www.swssec.com/gallery.html).
My favorite color is purple.
For years I have dreamed of a purple LX, but presumed it only was a dream. Thanks to a cooperative effort primarily from Marty Doctor with assistance from Don Goldberg, and a friendly small-volume anodizing shop, I commissioned this Minox. It is as beautiful as it looks, and the deep purple is very attractive to me. If you think it is sacrilege, you are entitled to your opinion. I have fun with Minox!

I will entertain making custom colored LX models for anyone who is interested. LX is the only model which is practical to color, for practical reasons. It is not cheap.
   We will not do black or gold cameras to prevent them from some day making their way into the marketplace as factory produced items. We will do corporate or agency colors, your favorite color, whatever. Feel free to discuss your thoughts. Future cameras probably will be a combination of black top and bottom and alternative colored shells. My next project may be making an LX in each color of the rainbow, as a set (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet). 


 Body made in the last week of December 1985.
This camera was sold on eBay for $670 on 20th November 2008.


Last Updated on 22nd November 2008