Riga - Minox 8x11 - Made in the USSR

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Sample wanted

There are at least two forms of "Made in USSR" Riga-Minox cameras. One has the word "Riga" made illegible and the "Made in Latvia" milled out and "Made in USSR" engraved over it.

The second form has no word "Riga"  engraved under Minox and "Made in USSR" is a normal engraving as shown in 11721 below.

No.10327 shown above seems to be a little of both.

Model Riga
Serial #  
Date of Manufacture  
Current Value  
Auction Price Ebay
02/08/21 1802.77USD (No.06664)
02/12/03 2081USD
04/01/31 761EUR (#9891)
05/05/21 1600EUR (#9416)
04/01/27 3050USD (No.07977)
04/02/20 1610EUR (No.07551)
05/08/16 571.51EUR (#11494)
06/01/23 1995USD (No.09407, later revealed to have fake engravings)
06/03/04 605EUR (No.09852)
06/03/25 1400EUR+commission (No.6332)
06/04/08 1211USD  (Made in USSR, box, No.09540)
06/05/13 1895USD (No.07928)
06/07/07 1843USD (No.
06/10/20 999.99USD (No.06476, Made in USSR)
06/11/03 1249USD (box, No 09982,
Original draft of camera detail VEF110218 Depth of Field Scale is in FOOT. With constructors' signature.)
07/04/04 599GBP (No 09359, Made in USSR, no "Riga", not milled)
07/07/02 1095USD (No.09951, Made in USSR, no "Riga", not milled)


Last Updated on 3rd November 2006