Minox 8x11  - Wanted


This are required to complete the samples.

Item Description Expect Value
Riga Riga 12 tooth 1750USD
  Riga 3 tooth, long engraving 800USD
  Riga USSR milled crossed Riga 1800USD
  Riga USSR no Riga 2000USD
  Riga Milled Made in Latvia 700USD
  War eagle engraved 1500USD
AII, 1 AII with 5th element lens 800USD
AIII, 1 AIII gold (m) 3000USD
  AIII gold (ft) 3000USD
  AIII black (m) 1600USD
AIIIs, 3 AIIIs black (ft) 1600USD
  AIIIs gold (m) 3000USD
  AIIIs gold (ft) 3000USD
  AIIIs (m) no red hyper focal - early 600USD
  AIIIs (m) green/ND - late 200USD
B, 3 B lattice Wetzlar (black, m) 280USD
  B lattice Wetzlar (gold, m)  
  B lattice Wetzlar (gold, ft)  
  B lattice (gold, m)  
  B lattice (black, ft) 280USD
  B lattice (gold, ft)  
  B honeycomb (black, ft no B engraving) 280USD
  B honeycomb (gold, m)  
  B honeycomb (gold, ft)  
C, 11 C complan (chrome, m, no UV) 180USD
  C complan (black, m) 180USD
  C complan (gold, m)  
  C complan (chrome, ft, C engraved) 120USD
  C complan (black , ft) 180USD
  C complan (gold, m/ft)  
  C raised rim (black, m) 180USD
  C raised rim (chrome, m, FI engraving) 360USD
  C raised rim (gold,m)  
  C raised rim (black, ft, no C engraving) 180USD
  C flat rim (gold, m)  
  C flat rim (chrome, ft, no C engraving) 120USD
  C flat rim (black, ft, C engraving) 180USD
  C flat rim (black, ft, no C engraving) 180USD
  C flat rim (gold, ft)  
  C red LED (gold, m)  
  C red LED (chrome, ft, no C engraving) 120USD
  C red LED (black, ft, no C engraving) 180USD
  C red LED (gold, ft)  
LX LX (chrome, ft, USA) 250USD
  LX (chrome, ft) 250USD
  LX (black, ft, no logo) 300USD
  LX 100th Anniversary Edition 999EUR
AX Gold II 1250EUR
Copy stand Copy arm for vertical post 200USD
  Copy stand late 60s ft 30USD
  Copy stand 70s ft 30USD
  Riga Exposure table  
  Filter set A (IIIs) UV ND, Yellow (German)  
Light Meter MinoxSix colour coded  
  Light meter DIN/ASA 12,25,50,100 94USD
  Light meter ASA 12,25,50,100 94USD
  Light meter black 440USD
  Light Meter gold  
  Light Meter dual range 750USD
Projector Minomat 40EUR
  HP30 1955 silver logo 44EUR
  HP30 1960 f2.7 44EUR
  Minotact with carry case 30EUR


These are required to replace samples that are without original packaging or accessories





Last Updated on 21st August 2006