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The Toychka is a small Minox style camera with a spring motor drive. A special body harness holds the camera and provides remote control of shutter speeds and release. The camera hangs from the neck, behind a tie, with the lens in the middle of a tie pin. A matching normal tie pin was provided for use on days when not wearing the camera.


The camera was manufactured in a special section of the KMZ (Krasnogorsk) factory for the KGB, the intelligence agency of the former Soviet Union. A less common version has a built in view finder and another has focusing lens. The cameras are un-marked except for serial number inside the film chamber.


Although a Minox film will fit into the camera the wind mechanism has a small blade, similar to that of the Mamiya 16 cameras unlike the column and teeth found in Minox and Minolta 16mm cameras. Later versions use Minox cassettes. Negative size is 8. 5x11 mm


This version is often incorrectly listed as being able to use Minox cassettes and under the names "Toyka 58-M", "Toychka S252" and "Totschka".


Dimensions 83 x 30 x15 mm. Shutter speeds 1/10, 1/50. 1/150 and 1/400 sec. Minox film version has a Minox style shutter speed dial with 1/20, 1/50, 1/100, 1/200 and 1/500.


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