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The Yashica Atoron Mini-pod has three fixed length legs with the tightening mechanism below the ball, and is shaped to align the legs when folded. The case zips down most of the length of one side. The Atoron requires a special cable release, wider than found with other cameras that allow the use of a cable release (e.g. Tessina, Minox tripod adapter).

Ebay 2003/05/19 43.01USD (tripod, case, cable release), *2004/04/22 79.99USD (box, case, tripod adapter), 2004/06/27 51.01USD (with Atoron kit & close-up lens), 2005/08/25 29.95USD (box, case, tripod adapter), 2006/01/20 19.79USD (with tripod adapter), 2007/07/01 9.95GBP (with tripod adapter)

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