Yashica Atoron (early)

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The dial next to the film counter is plain. Later cameras have two holes for a spanner. This is also seen on A70444810 but not on A71162377

Model Yashica Atoron (early version - plain cover on film counter dial)
Serial # A60317192
Lens 18mm Yashinon f/2.8
Shutter 1/45 - 1/250 and B
Aperture f/3.5 to f/16
Meter Coupled Selenium scale marked in EV units
Dimensions 103x33x22mm
Weight 120g
Finish/colour chrome/silver
Case hard black leather, belt slot at the back, Minox B style
Box black with black velvet lining - no slot for batteries.
Instructions English (dated 66?)
Accessories case, flash bulb unit, 80A and ND4 slip on filters.
Purchased 2001/12/07
Date of Manufacture 1966
Cost 36.01USD - Chain added later
Current Value 55-85USD boxed, 25-40USD camera only
Auction Price known early type: Ebay 2001/11/06 37USD, *2001/12/07 36.01USD, 2005/02/07 52.01USD, 2005/02/21 29.95USD, 2005/07/23 5.19GBP (A90593702), 2005/09/14 15.50USD (box), 2006/04/23 12.50USD, 2006/09/28 9.99GBP, 2006/12/10 24.99USD, 2008/01/26 55USD (box), 2008/02/18 31.98USD
Comment Permanent UV filter and slide in yellow filter

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