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The later and slightly larger model Atoron Electro was launched in 1971 with Cds meter and automatic shutter.

Close focusing to 0.6 meters was now possible and it has slow speed, 8 seconds to 1/350 sec. CdS program with X contacts.  The noise from the shutter release is much reduced compared to the Atoron.

The Atoron Electro is 140 grams including battery; 102 x 38 x 20  mm (4.8 x 1.5 x 0.75 inches) compared to the Minox C 120 x 28 x 16 mm at 102 grams.

The lens, a Yashinon-DX f/2.8-13.0 18mm composed of four elements in 3 groups and focuses from 0.6 meters (2 feet) to infinity.  Exposure control is fully automatic with the CdS meter powered by a six-volt Mallory PX28N silver-oxide battery. The electronic shutter has speeds from EV 0 (f/2.8 at 8 seconds) to EV 16 (f/13 at 1/350 sec.).  No manual settings of exposure. ASA settings of 16, 25, 50, 100 and 200. The aperture settings are determined by the ASA film-speed setting with the shutter speed controlled by the CdS cell.

The low light warning button or slide operates a light just above the viewfinder if the speed is slower than 1/30 second.

The camera came with a flash using AG type flash bulbs. Other accessories supplied with the kit are a leather pouch, right-angle finder, a silver neck chain / wrist strap and a lens cap (that has conversion scales for ASA to DIN and meters to feet).  The original kit price was $145. It was sold also sold as camera with case and chain.

Yashica offered, optionally, a tripod attachment for use on any standard tripod. This was supplied with the Porst EX55 version in place of the right angle finder.

There was also a nylon neck strap which may have been supplied with some cameras in place of the silver chain.

This is a system camera and Yashica offered :-

and also for the Atoron

The Porst versions are in silver

To load the film you have to pull the tab out to release the back plate. It will stay in this position until you insert the film. If you wind the film on after a shoot you can lock the shutter until you are ready to take the next photograph.

Two near the top edge of the camera set the ASA film speed and focus scale in metres or imperial (feet and inches).

The camera offers automatic flash exposure of subjects over a distance from 2 to 5 meters (7 to 15 feet). It comes complete with a small screw-on flash unit taking AG-1 or AG-1B bulbs. This flash unit has a neat built in reflector that covers the bulb contacts when carried. There is also a plastic shield to put in front of the bulb. These are usually lost as there is no provision to store it with the flash unit. Although neat and very compact the lack of standard fitting for a electronic flash is missed.

The variations of the Yashica Atoron Electro are small. The low-light check is a button on the earlier serial numbers and a silde on the later ones. Some (perhaps very rare) with the rectangular switch have a B (Bulb) shutter setting. The battery cover is normally a single slot for a coin. Some have a cross.

Photo-Porst also sold a version, the Porst EX55 Electronic, which is matt aluminium and has a shiny chrome front name plate. The presentation box included a tripod adapter but omitted the fight-angle finder and included a shutter release cable.

In 1973, Yashica added the Atoron Electro T. This was a standard Atoron Electro, but with a transparent top so that the user could view the mechanics of the camera.  The original price was $190.
Model Yashica Atoron Electro
Lens Yashinon-DX f/2.8 18mm composed of four elements in three groups
0.6m to infinity
Shutter 8 - 1/350 and B (on some versions)
Aperture f/2.8 to f/13
Meter Cds meter and automatic shutter
EV 0 (f/2.8 at 8 sec) to EV 16 (f/13 at 1/350 sec.)
Finish/colour All black with the Porst EX55 being matt aluminium with chrome front
Dimensions 102x20x38mm (4.8 x  0.75 x l.5 inches).
Weight 140g including battery
Case spectacle style soft leather with wide mouth and snap shut clip
Box black vinyl with stimulated wood effect and grey velvet lining on a plastic tray with a tray underneath for case, lens cover and shutter release cable
Current Value Atoron Electro 55-85USD boxed, 30-50USD camera only
Electro T 150-200USD
Porst 65-100USD
Auction Price Electro Ebay 2001/09/15 64.01USD, 2001/10/31 81USD (box, kit), *2001/11/07 49.99USD (box, kit), 2002/02/08 76USD (box, kit), *2002/02/11 87.97USD, *2002/02/24 48EUR, 2002/03/19 56USD (box, kit), 2002/04/21 20.10EUR, 2002/05/21 76.97USD (box, kit), 2002/05/29 58.50EUR (box, kit), 2002/06/08 29.95USD (box, kit), 2002/09/10 56EUR (filters, tripod adapter), 2002/09/23 20.45EUR, 2002/10/14 59.95USD, 2002/11/13 56USD (box, kit), *2003/02/23 233EUR (box, kit, close-up lens, filters, tripod, self-timer, copy stand, enlarger head), 2003/05/04 150EUR (kit, close-up lens, self-timer, right angle viewer), 2003/06/05 132.50USD (with close-up lens set), 2003/06/06 49.50GBP (box, kit), 2003/06/22 119.99GBP (box, kit, close-up lens, filters, tripod, self-timer, copy stand), 2003/09/28 29.50EUR, 2003/09/30 51.10EUR, 2003/11/23 28.50EUR, 2003/12/15 32.55USD, 2004/01/04 34USD, 2004/01/09 33USD, 2004/01/25 85USD (box, kit), 2004/02/15 25.50EUR (box, kit), 2004/02/21 15.50EUR (box, kit), 2004/02/11 17.90GBP (case+instructions), 2004/03/28 20.50USD, 2004/03/29 57.50EUR, 2004/04/17 103.51USD (box, kit), 2006/05/07 29.99USD (box, kit)

close-up lens Ebay 2002/03/19 78USD, *2002/10/16 39EUR, 2003/07/20  29.50EUR
filter set 2002/04/21 11EUR, 2002/05/17 31USD
Enlarger lens Ebay 2002/05/17 61USD, 2002/10/15 25EUR, 2002/12/29
150USD, 2003/01/21 138.05USD
Tripod (chrome) Ebay 2003/05/19 43.01USD

Electro T *2002/01/25 132EUR, 2002/07/12 262USD (box, kit), 2002/07/31 252.47USD (box, kit), 2002/09/23 151USD, 2003/06/01 350EUR (with filters), 2003/12/01 90USD

Porst EX55 Ebay *2002/04/14 20EUR, 2002/04/14 28.49EUR, *2002/04/30 46.50EUR, 2002/06/02 40.65EUR, *2002/08/11 63.50EUR, 2002/09/05 42GBP, 2002/09/22 54.67EUR, 2002/11/11 50EUR (box, kit), *2002/12/14 35.50EUR (with copy stand, timer, and Mini-star), 2003/03/16 19EUR


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