Revue mini-star (later)

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Model Revue mini-star (late  version of Yashica, with one MN504 battery for flash)
Serial # A211158332
Lens 18mm Yashinon f/2.8
Shutter 1/45 - 1/250 and B
Aperture f3.5 to f16
Meter Coupled Selenium scale marked in EV units
Dimensions 103x33x22mm
Weight 120g
Finish/colour Chrome in waffle or chequered grid pattern
Case black leather, snap button to shut
Box wooden box covered in black paper, black velvet lining. Lettering in gold on inside lid.
Instructions Multi
Accessories chain, flash bulb unit, 80A and ND4 slip on filters
Purchased 2001/09/28
Date of Manufacture  
Cost 106DEM
Current Value 80-120USD boxed
Auction Price Ebay 2001/09/02 108DEM, *2001/09/28 106DEM, *2002/01/19 76EUR (black box), 2002/02/01 80EUR (red box), 2002/04/01 76EUR (red box), 2002/04/14 51EUR, *2002/04/30 28EUR, 2002/05/20 37.10EUR (red box), 2002/05/22 81EUR (again 2002/06/03 22.50EUR), 2002/05/25 23.05EUR, 2002/06/03 22.50EUR, 2002/06/08 41.50EUR (red box), *2002/06/30 52.50EUR (black box), 2002/08/14 51EUR (kit), 2002/09/30 34EUR (black box), 2003/02/09 51.58EUR, *2003/04/09 25.50EUR (red box)

Last Updated on 14th June 2002