Porst EX55

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Model Porst EX55 electronic
Serial Number 30100845
Lens Yashinon-DX f/2.8 18mm composed of four elements in three groups
0.6m to infinity
Shutter 8 - 1/350 and B (on some versions)
Aperture f/2.8 to f/13
Meter Cds meter and automatic shutter
EV 0 (f2.8 at 8 sec) to EV 16 (f13 at 1/350 sec.)
Finish/colour satin with polished chrome front
Dimensions 102x20x38mm (4.8 x  0.75 x l.5 inches).
Weight 140g including battery
Case spectacle style soft leather with wide mouth and snap shut clip
Box black vinyl with stimulated wood effect and grey velvet lining on a plastic tray with a tray underneath for case, lens cover and shutter release cable
Instructions German
Accessories case, silver neck chain, flash bulb unit, tripod adapter, lens protection, shutter release cable
Purchased 2002/09/14
Date of Manufacture 1970
Cost 91EUR
Current Value Porst 65-100USD
Auction Price Porst EX55 Ebay *2002/04/14 20EUR, 2002/04/14 28.49EUR, *2002/04/30 46.50EUR, 2002/06/02 40.65EUR, *2002/08/11 63.50EUR, 2002/09/05 42GBP, *2002/09/14 91EUR, 2002/09/22 54.67EUR, 2002/11/11 50EUR (box, kit), *2002/12/14 35.50EUR (with copy stand, timer, and Mini-star), 2003/03/16 19EUR, 2008/04/06 11.50EUR
Comment Shutter release lock, note the shield for the flash unit and the plastic lens protection is polished chrome finish.

The Photo-Porst EX55 Electronics AG3B flash unit has a shield for the flash bulb. It takes a single MN504 15V battery.


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