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There are two basic models in the Yashica 8x11 range, the Atoron and the Atoron Electro.

The Yashica Atoron range was also sold in Europe (particularly Germany) under the brands Foto-Quelle Revue and Photo Porst. A number of accessories are also found under these brand names. Although not so highly rated as the Minox cameras the Atoron and Atoron Electro have good lens and are usually to be found in working order.

Yashica Atoron was made by Yashica (Kyosera, now) in 1965. The camera uses Minox film cassette 8x11mm format and is equipped with auto exposure selenium meter. Slightly larger than its contemporary, the Minox B and has a smooth satin matt finish, variable aperture and shutter but fixed focus.

The later and slightly larger model Atoron Electro with a mirror black finish was launched in 1971 with Cds meter and automatic shutter. Close focusing to 0.6 meters was now possible and it has slow speed, 8 seconds to 1/350 sec. of CDS program with X contacts.  The noise from the shutter release is much reduced compared to the Atoron. Like the Minox C it is fully automatic, variable focus, with aperture and shutter being set by the film speed and meter.

The two models correspond approximately to the Minox B and Minox C


  • Yashica Atoron (early)
  • Yashica Atoron (late)
  • Porst KX50
  • Revue Mini-star
  • Revue Mini-star chrome
  • Revue Mini-star chrome (late)
  • Atoron Electro


    A special enlargement lens unit for Atoron (Minox) film, often called an ENLA unit,  and a number of system accessories were made including AG flash bulb units, neck chains and neck straps, right angle viewers, tripods, filters, close up lens, shutter release cable, self-timers and copy stand.

    Models Compared

  • Atoron
  • Electro

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