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The collection of Minox 8x11 subminiature cameras and accessories was began in 1973 with a Minox BL. A Minox C was added the following summer. By 1994 the collection consisted of  a BL, C (both black and chrome), EC, LX (both black and chrome) and accessories purchased in the 1970s and 80s.

The remainder have been added since November 2000 with the majority collected from Ebay including Acmel, Chadt, Cosmo Omega, Enica, Nikkoh, Sharan, Toychka and Yashica 8x11 format cameras. Here are details on this collection, variations in cameras and their accessories and related information about subminiature photography.

The Minox is the long runner of subminiature camera formats having been sold since 1938 and still in production in 2008, 70 years later. The Minox is an exceptional precision built camera with a high quality lens and fully able to take advantage of most modern films with results that belie it's tiny 8x11 negative.

Books (Minox)

Details on Minox books and literature.


Photographs taken with various subminiature cameras.



Few books on subminiature photography are still in print. Fortunately some are available electronically.


Information on German, UK, US and international shops where subminiature cameras are often sold with Web links and e-mail addresses. The Ebay page includes hot key search by name of several hundred manufacturers and models of subminiature cameras.


 Also details on World Wide Web links and home pages of users of Subminiature cameras and discussion groups, sites with further information, suppliers of manuals and repair centres.


What is subminiature photography all about and why? Here are some quotes that might help you gain an insight into those who use these specialized cameras and why.

The Collection

The collection consists of details of the cameras and accessories from 

and others using the 8x11 Minox film format as well as articles relating to the history and use of these cameras. The list contains details of the cameras and accessories, including cases, manuals, boxes and an estimate of the current price for the item, and further information. There are also photographs (snapped using a Sony PC100 DVC camcorder) with views top, bottom, front, back of each item. Additional image pops up in a separate window, which is then reused when the next link is selected.


Although some subminiature cameras are not too difficult to find they are often without manuals. Here are links to manuals posted on other sites as well as those available here. A few are photocopies, but the majority are high resolution full colour scans.


For the most detailed information on using subminiature cameras visit the link page. There are many web sites with features on the Minox and Yashica cameras but only the SubClub gives an extensive lists of 8x11 cameras (  ) .

1 Deutschen Minox-Club some of the links are direct to the Minox web site, others contain more original material and photographs. The club issue a magazine and back issues are available to Club members for 1.25EUR and 2.5DEM for double issues 5EUR for quadruple. From 2019 the nominal fee increased to € 7, with the MF 2020 booklet at € 9.) in stamps plus shipping costs (depending on weight € 1.55 to € 2.70 postage within Germany, abroad depending on the effort according to the current postal tariff list) available from Club Chairman. Only the 98/02 edition has a version in English.

Those Marvelous Minox Cameras! - A comprehensive guide to Minox 8x11 models, accessories and resources from D.Scott Young author of "Marvel in Miniature".

The Minox Historical Society  was found as a direct result from discussion on the Submini-List concerning the viability of Minox re-publishing user handbooks for all Minox cameras as an additional form of revenue. The proposed scanning of all available material was abandoned in January 2001 and subsequent discussion resulted in the founding of the MHS in April 2001. 

Check out  for details on "Spy Camera A Century of Detective and Subminiature Cameras By Michael Pritchard and Douglas St. Denny" a compelling read for anyone interested in subminiature cameras.

Collections on the web with a significant 8x11 content include:

Stephen Gandy's CameraQuest

Rick Oleson

Nigel Richards at

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For the most detailed information on using subminiature cameras visit the link page. There have been however a number of tips posted in usenet, list and forums that are not otherwise available.

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