Ixus II - Canon APS 

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The worthy successor to the original IX240 the Ixus II is smaller at 89x60x25 versus 90x60x28mm of the original and 24grams lighter at 166 grams. Both have metal cases. The pop up flash is replaced by a fixed position flash unit. In terms of compromise of size for features the Ixus II is the pinnacle of the Ixus range and only a few SLR APS cameras such as the Minolta Vectis S1 out perform it.

Termed small, slim and sexy it is extremely easy to handle. The 23-46mm (equivalent to 29-58mm on a 35mm format camera) is a is modest x2 zoom and more useful for framing the subject than getting more details of distance objects. 23mm wide mode is idea for taking photographs at parties and slipping the camera back into a shirt pocket and it will focus down to 45cm.

Although APS made have been ousted by digital, and the digital Ixus II is a worthy successor to the Ixus II APS camera, there are a few very important advantages of APS, in particular battery life. The CR2 battery lasts for a long time even with the fact that the clock is continuously powered. This is the ideal camera to carry at all times. The batteries last for a long time. It is smaller than most and light enough not to be noticed or have a second thought about carrying it. As 4 AA batteries weigh in at over 100 grams that is already half the weight of the Ixus II.


2004/01/03 42.01GBP
2004/01/04 79.50EUR
2004/01/04 79EUR
2004/01/04 86EUR
2004/04/10 86.96EUR
2004/05/02 50.50GBP
2004/06/13 37GBP
2004/06/27 80EUR
2004/06/30 86.57EUR
2004/09/01 30GBP remote
2004/09/02 28GBP
* 2004/09/10 48USD (26.69GBP)
2004/10/20 25GBP
2004/10/24 40GBP
2004/10/31 50.03GBP
2004/10/31 46GBP remote
2004/11/07 11.50GBP remote
* 2004/11/11 31.60GBP
2004/11/01 46GBP
2004/10/25 25GBP remote
2004/12/03 40GBP
2004/12/04 118EUR
2004/12/06 46GBP
2004/12/15 47.04EUR
2004/12/17 26.65GBP
2004/12/17 20GBP
2004/12/19 50.50EUR
2004/12/20 61EUR
2004/12/21 71EUR
2004/12/29 54EUR
2005/01/09 64EUR
2005/01/10 51EUR (+hard case)
2005/01/11 71.07EUR
2005/02/04 21GBP
2005/02/26 36EUR
2005/02/27 58EUR
2005/05/05 18.55GBP
2005/06/05 42.66EUR
2005/07/03 10.50GBP (with case)
2005/07/29 63.99EUR (case, box)
2005/07/31 27EUR
2005/07/31 41.94EUR (+hard case)
2005/08/07 62EUR (+hard case)
2005/08/26 31GBP
2005/09/03 27USD (Elph 2)
2005/11/17 51EUR (box)
2006/04/04 13.50GBP (box)
2006/04/05 8.01GBP (case, instructions)
2006/04/07 16.20GBP
2006/04/12 12.01GBP
2006/04/16 25GBP
2006/04/17 21GBP
2006/06/04 14GBP (box)
2006/06/20 8.50GBP (case, instructions)
2007/02/25 3.15GBP
2007/06/04 23GBP (with Ixus Gold)

The IXUS II has five different flash modes and it readily adapts to any lighting condition. You can choose to fire the flash in low light conditions, use its slow synchro flash to pick up background details, and reduce red eyes with its built-in red-eye reduction lamp.

The IXUS II also has an auto rewind override mode (via custom function) that comes in handy in quiet situations and you don't want attention to be shifted on you when the camera starts to rewind the film automatically at the end of the last frame.

It is just one of three custom functions that you will find in the IXUS II . The others are real time shutter release and flash mode preservation. The former allows you to capture perfect moments before the subjects can blink an eye while the latter lets you to temporarily prevent the built-in flash from firing when flash photography is prohibited.

The IXUS II helps you remember important personal details - by allowing you to make note of the time, date and the number of prints you will need. You can even select 3 different titles on your print.

The IXUS II also has one advantage over the original version by allowing user to change film midway and reload it with a higher ISO film. The original IXUS also has a Mid-Roll Change (MRC) but it won't allow the user to reload the partially exposed roll of film again.

The IXUS II allows you to take out the partly exposed roll to reload a new roll (higher ISO speed or APS slide film) and enable you to reload the first roll again and winding to the next available frame for you to shoot without fear of overlapping previous shots.

How about available light shooting? Well, since the IXUS II Extreme's built-in zoom lens has a maximum variable apertures of f/4.2 and f/5.6 at its 23mm and 46mm settings respectively, special care has to be taken into consideration whenever you use the camera to shoot available light pictures.

First, you have to select the Flash Off mode that prevents the flash from firing off automatically whenever the IXUS II detects low light level. Secondly, make sure your hands are steady when holding the camera so as not to cause any camera shake due to the slower shutter speed to be selected by the IXUS II. Finally, use an ISO 200 or higher film speed for such situations.


Last Updated on 5th June 2007