Ixus III - Canon APS (Small box)

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The stylish IXUS III will put cameras onto a next level. It has the latest technical features for enhanced performance and ease-of-use. Canon's optical know how combined with the IXUS design guarantees high-quality photography. The small, robust but lightweight aluminium body (98 x 50 x 33.4mm) is built around a top quality 23.5-54mm, 2.3x zoom lens which guarantees a brilliant image from every distance. The lens completely retracts into the camera body when the camera is not in use and is protected by an attractive sliding lens barrier. Using a new, more efficient, built in auto flash unit has increased battery life. The new unified AE/AF CMOS autofocus and metering system now employs only one sensor that combines autofocus and metering functions. On the back you will find a large, cool looking blue illuminated LCD that is easy to use and simple to understand. When light gets low, you just press a button and the information on the LCD lights up in blue. The IXUS III has five custom functions of which two are new: Centre Spot Range metering, which enables you to use only the centre spot of the light sensor for metering. Plus a Continuous Shooting function for action sequences.

Camera Type Point & Shoot / Zoom camera   Brand Canon
Timer Functions Self timer Camera Format APS
Lens Aperture F/4.8-7.6 Lens Type Zoom lens
Max Focal Length 54 mm Min Focal Length 23.5 mm
Flash Type Built-in flash Min Focus Range 45 cm
Flash Modes Fill-in mode, Slow synchro, Auto mode, Flash OFF mode, Red-eye reduction Zoom 2.3
Auto Focus Passive Shooting Modes Real-time release
Viewfinder Type Real-image zoom Film Speed Range ISO 25 - 10000
Red Eye Reduction Built-in Viewfinder Magnification 0.35 - 0.7x
Height 5 cm Depth 3.3 cm
Width 9.8 cm Weight 150 g

The stylish IXUS III compact APS camera combines the latest technical features and optical know-how to provide enhanced performance, ease-of-use and high quality photography.


The IXUS III has the latest technical features for enhanced performance and ease-of-use. Our optical know-how combined with the IXUS design guarantees high-quality photography

Strong, light and efficient
The small, robust and lightweight aluminium body (98 x 50 x 33.4 mm) of the IXUS III is built around a top quality 23.5-54mm, 2.3 x zoom lens which guarantees a brilliant image from every distance. The lens completely retracts into the camera body when the camera is not in use and an attractive sliding lens barrier protects the lens. The new, efficient built-in auto flash offers increased battery life and a single sensor allows the auto focus and metering functions to be combined.

Blue LCD
The blue illuminated LCD on the back is easy to use and simple to understand. When the light grows dim, the information on the LCD lights up in blue at the touch of a button. The IXUS III features two new functions. One is centre spot metering, which enables the user to use only the centre spot of the light sensor for metering. The other is a continuous shooting function for action sequences.


It is unbelievably small for a film running camera, I've seen bulkier digital cameras, making it easy to transport and subtle to use.

Many features are offered and this provides good value for money: zoom, red eye reduction, flash, timer, time/date and a feature that allows you to put things like "congratulations" on your pictures. Admittedly this last one is fairly useless.

The Ixus III is also very stylish, so you don't have to be embarrassed about having a naff point and press camera. The electric blue LCD display is also a smart and useful feature. I like the film load method: you push a button and after a little whirring noise the film compartment opens up :).
The lens is kept safe by the sliding door, and by opening this door the camera is switched on.

The camera feels good quality, it is reassuringly heavy but not inconveniently so. It is constructed from aluminium, which most APS cameras are not.

The image quality is good, obviously it does not compare with an SLR, but you get what you pay for and you would be hard-pressed to find a superior image quality on a cheaper/alternate model. For an APS camera it has a decent lens, the most advanced I could find when I bought it, 6 elements in 6 groups, with an aspherical lens.

Cons? The view finder is a bit small, but this is hardly a big disadvantage in an otherwise excellent camera.

Even if this is slightly out of you price range it is well worth the money, for its stylish and invincible qualities. However, it is priced competitively and is a great buy, especially for Canon.

It's lovely,beautiful,it's magic!
Canon Ixus II,III are the best and more beautiful APS Cameras.
It produces excellent pictures,
specially at C,H format.
It has two aspherical lenses,
active/passive 3point AF ,
fast shutter(1/900),
2x zoom(bit small),excellent design
and almost all the benefits of APS Technology:
-MRC(Mid Roll Change)
-3 formats(C,H,P)
-Custom functions
-Print quantity selection
-Title-date-time imprinting
-frame cancel
-Print Quality Improvement
-5 Flash Functions
-ISO 25-10000
SIZE: 87x57x24.5 mm

picture quality
ease of use

red-eye reduction problem
bit small battery life

This one is a gem. It's smaller than a cigarette pack yet produce wonderful pictures. Enlarged to 15X21cm they are indistinguishable from my SLR (with a 50mm prime lens !!!). That was quite a surprise for me considering the fact that APS format has about 30% disadvantage when compared to 35mm.
Originally I bought it for my wife - who wanted a small P&S - but it has soon become an essential part of our go-anywhere kit (alongside the diapers et al....).
Style is another big plus. It's just cute.
The only downside I have encountered is the red eye problem. However, it is so easily remedied (see below) that I decided to give it a 5 star overall rating anyway.
Also, APS is more expensive than 35mm but then again, I usually carry my SLR along with me so it's not so bad.
To sum it up : If you intend to shoot a lot of pictures, and P&S is going to be your only camera, I think a 35mm one is a better option (economically speaking). However, if you already have an SLR and just want an addition, go get yourself one. You'll never regret it.

Loads of features.
Great pictures (lens has 2 aspheric elements).
APS format is very user friendly.
It's the smallest camera I have ever seen.
Very stylish.
Need I say S M A L L again ?

Red eye reduction feature doesn't really help. I have quite a few otherwise wonderful pictures. It took me some time but I finally found a solution. A small piece of semi-matt paper on the flash acts as a diffuser and solves the problem.



Product Specification




Focusing system

    Passive 3-point AiAF  

Closest focusing distance (m)


Automatic exposure


Automatic exposure compensation


Shutter speed (sec.)


Film Type

    IX240 cartridge  

Automatic film load/wind/rewind


Mid-roll rewind / MRC a)


Film speed setting (ISO) b)


Automatic built-in flash


Self-timer c)


Red-eye reduction mode


Remote control RC-5 (optional acc.)



    One CR -2 lithium battery (3V)  

Shooting capacity d)

    +-10 rolls  

Dimensions (W x H x D mm)

    98 x 50 x33.4  

Weight excluding battery (g)


a) Film can only be reloaded if the camera has both functions

b) Automatically set in 1/3 step increments

c) Electronically controlled 10 seconds delay timer

d) 20 degrees Celsius, 50% flash, 25 exp.


Last Updated on 6th April 2006