Ixus X-1 - Canon APS 

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Another award-winning member of the stylish IXUS range, the X-1 is an outstandingly designed water-resistant Advanced Photo System camera, ideal for any occasion, wet or dry. With green or red finish.



2004/11/13 41GBP new
2004/11/28 15.50EUR
2004/12/11 61EUR
2004/12/11 84.30EUR
2004/12/13 61EUR (boxed)
*2004/12/14 41GBP (boxed)
2004/12/21 51GBP (boxed)
2005/01/10 56.58USD
2005/12/16 52.95USD
2006/01/26 50USD (with case, handbook, new)
2006/04/04 61USD (red, red case)
2006/04/10 61.06USD (red, red case)
2006/04/17 46USD
2007/02/24 26.51GBP
2009/07/24 43.50USD (box)

Tough, water resistant, all-sport camera, designed for shooting extreme action in the great outdoors

Versatile design
Being a tough, water-resistant design, the IXUS X-1 is the perfect outdoor camera, being more robust than most ordinary compacts.

Large viewfinder
The large viewfinder makes it easy to focus on your subject, even through goggles or a ski mask.

Advanced Photo System technology
The IXUS X-1 allows you to record key details each time you take a photograph, enabling you to create a permanent reference system for your pictures.

Large mode dial
Featuring a special grip, the large mode dial means the controls can be easily operated, even if you are wearing gloves.

High performance lens
Despite the small size, the IXUS X-1 houses a bright 23mm lens which can be used for a variety of shots both on land and underwater. In addition, the five flash modes and red eye reduction ensure best exposure every time.


Product Specification




Focusing system

    Active 1-point AiAF
(underwater: fixed focus)

Closest focusing distance (m)

(underwater 0.9 or in
Macro mode 0.45)

Automatic exposure


Automatic exposure compensation


Shutter speed (sec.)


Film Type

    IX240 cartridge  

Automatic film load/wind/rewind


Mid-roll rewind / MRC a)


Film speed setting (ISO) b)


Automatic built-in flash


Self-timer c)


Red-eye reduction mode


Remote control RC-5 (optional acc.)



    One CR-2 lithium battery (3V)  

Shooting capacity d)

    +-18 rolls  

Dimensions (W x H x D mm)

    105 x 74.6 x 46.7  

Weight excluding battery (g)


a) Film can only be reloaded if the camera has both functions

b) Automatically set in 1/3 step increments

c) Electronically controlled 10 seconds delay timer

d) 20 degrees Celsius, 50% flash, 25 exp.

Last Updated on 13th August 2009