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In the first two years of the new format's debut in 1996/1997, all the other major film and camera manufacturers except Canon, had designed their APS compact cameras to be as large as their 35mm point & shoot versions, thus proving wrong any predictions for a truly compact camera system.

Canon's first APS offering was the IXUS IX 240, (known as the ELPH in the North American market and IXY in Japan) a compact AF camera with built-in 2x zoom lens and encased in a stylish stainless steel body. Its size is no bigger than a calendar or credit card and the thickness of a king-size cigarette pack.

It was not a surprise when the IXUS IX 240 became the best selling APS camera in the world. Canon Inc sold out 3,000 units of its first production batch (of 6,000) in Japan alone while the balance was for the export market.

The reason for the IXUS' success is its ultra-compact size, which also makes it look cute. It also became the most-talked about "accessory" item among celebrity fashion designers, supermodels and Hollywood personalities. And every celebrity was eager to have one.


  • strap for Ixus II
  • Case of Ixus II (as in metal box packaging)
  • Concept Summer
  • AF-s
  • Z65 standard box
  • M1 tin
  • Ixus IX240 hard case edition

Last updated 9th September 2005