Konica Mini S

 Ebay 2005/03/17 5GBP, 2005/05/09 14.95USD, 2005/10/10 0.99GBP (red camera)


Type - 1 x 240 lens shutter type, with built-in flash camera.

Format - 16.7 x 30.2 mm

Lens - Konica lens, 25mm F/6.7 {3 groups, 3 lens} with lens cover.

Main Switch -    Manually open/close main switch. When the power is turned ON, the lens cover opens, the barrel extends and the remaining battery charge is displayed on the shooting display panel. When the power is turned OFF the lens barrels is stored inside the camera and the lens cover closes.

Shutter - Combination plunger shutter and diaphragm.

Focus Adjustment - Fixed focal point, shooting range 0.9m {2.95ft}

Exposure range - When ISO 400 film is used: EVIC {F6.7 1/80} to EV12 {F6.7 1/300}

Film Sensitivity - Automatic setting, ISO 100/200/400

Viewfinder - Reverse Galileian viewfinder, corresponds to the print type.

Flash - Flashmatic mechanism at the limit of unintentional movement by hand that automatically illuminates low brightness locations, interlock range {ISO 400} 0.9m {2.95 ft}~3.2m {10.5 ft}, flash interval; approximately 6 sec., red lamp display while charging.

Print Type - The frame within the viewfinder switches between the H, P and C types according to the print type switch setting. The type can be changed during the shooting of a roll. The print type is automatically recorded on the film when the shot is taken.

Mode Switch - "Red-eye" reduction shooting, self-time shooting.

Self-timer - Electrical type, operation times: approx. 10 seconds, after the self-timer lamp lights for approx. 7 seconds, the lamp flashes for approx. 3 seconds. Can be canceled during operation.

Film Loading - Electrical type, one-touch, auto-loading starts when the film cover is closed. Automatic winding, automatic rewind at the end of the designated number of frames, automatic stop after rewind. Rewind is possible  before film completion. The cartridge cannot be replaced during operation.

Film Counter - Inverse calculation system, displayed on the shooting display panel.

Battery Service Life - Approx. 12 rolls {25 frames/roll} of film with 50% flash.

Power Supply - 1 Lithium battery { CR2, 3V}

Size - 103 x 58 x 30 mm {4.1 x 2.3 x 1.2"}

Weight - 136g {4.8oz} without batteries.

Last Updated on 10th October 2005