Konica Revio II

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Revio II
APS Camera

The automatic that puts you in charge - day or night

A picture of elegance
The slim, elegant style of the Revio II makes it look at home anywhere, anytime. Which is just as well, as you will want to use it everywhere, all the time.

Automatic focus, exposure and the fast, 2.2x power zoom take care of most conditions. But thanks to its illuminated LCD panel, it's easy to select the setting you want, even in low light conditions.

To flash or not to flash
Most modern cameras offer automatic flash, but the Revio II gives you three other options as well: Add flash on a bright day when you want to fill in those dreary shadows; No flash when you want to catch an atmospheric mood, or flash photography is forbidden; Night Portrait flash, when background and foreground are equally important. And behind the scenes, Konica's exclusive Flash Power Management system works to help batteries last up to 50% longer.

Just the way you want it
But that's not the end of the Revio II's list of features. With the ability to shoot as close as 35cm for powerful close-ups or take crisp landscapes using the Long Distance mode, you can be sure of top results in any situation. Even difficult lighting situations present no problem with its Exposure Compensation mode.

Technical Information

Fully automatic IX240 lens-shutter zoom camera
16.7mm x 30.2mm
Konica 23mm / f3.9 to 50mm / f7.9 zoom lens (5 groups; 5 elements), with lens cover.
Film Speed
ISO 25 - ISO 3200
Real image zoom finder; three-way compatibile.
Flashmatic device activates in low light conditions. Range 0.5m - 6.8m (f=23mm), 0.35m (f=50mm) at ISO 400. Approx. 1.5 - 3.0 sec. recharge time.
Multi-infrared nonscan active AF, shooting range: wide 0.5 to infinity, tele 0.35 to infinity, focus lock and Long Distance possible.
Programmed AE with centre-weighted measurement by CdS
AE Coupling Range
(ISO 200) f=23mm EV4 - EV16/f=50mm EV6 - EV17
Mid-roll change function
7 languages, 9 titles.
Magnetic Information
Date and time; print aspect ration (three way); use of flash; brightness
Automatic Date
Built-in digital clock displayed on illuminated LCD panel.
Film Transport
Electronic; auto loading; auto winding and rewinding; film can be rewound from any frame, mid-roll rewind.
Film Counter
Sequential; displayed on illuminated LCD panel.
Self Timer
Electronic, approx. 10 second hold; cancellation possible during countdown.
Operating Mode
Flash Auto, Red-eye Reduction, Flash On, Night View Portrait (with Red-eye Reduction), Flash Off, +1.5 EV, Long Distance, Self Timer.
Print Type
Allows the viewfinder to switch to C, H or P; mid-roll change possible; print type is automatically recorded onto film
Remote Control
(Optional) Infrared; emits signal by pressing the send button. Range: 5m in front of camera. Battery (CR2025, 3V) included. Battery Life: approx. 10,000 times.
Self Portrait Mode
Automatically engaged when the mirror is up. Focus; 0.4m - 1m.
Power Source
One lithium battery (3V, CR 2) included
Battery Life
Approx. 27 rolls of 25-exposure film (50% flash usage).
Dimensions (W x H x D)
89.5 x 27 x 57mm
130g excluding battery and strap
Performance based on Konica test results. Specifications and appearance subject to change without notice.


Last Updated on 8th September 2005