Konica Revio Z-2 Green

Ebay 2005/05/19 5.50GBP, 2005/06/30 37USD, 2008/07/16 7.25AUD (3.49GBP)

With the option of three image formats (panoramic, conventional, and wide prints), plus a 24-48mm, 2x zoom lens, the Konica Revio Z-2 Green Date Kit APS camera gives you almost unlimited shooting flexibility. You can zoom in tight for candid close-ups or zoom out to get the entire group. For those times when you want to capture a sweeping landscape, simply switch to panorama mode. The real-image viewfinder always lets you know just what your shot is going to look like.

Konica's Flash Power Management, a feature that reduces battery power consumption by 50 percent, increases the life of your flash. The built-in flash has several modes to chose from, including flash on, flash off, auto, red-eye reduction, night-view portrait, and long distance. This versatility ensures that your pictures will be properly exposed, no matter the lighting conditions.

You can even print the date and one of nine titles--in seven different languages--on your images with the date imprinting feature. This kit includes the Revio Z-2 Green Date Kit APS camera, battery, carrying strap, and protective case.


Last Updated on 29th July 2008