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Elegant, solid, ergonomic, perfect and every bit a Leica the C11 is a camera with pedigree.

The sleek C11 is Leica's only venture into the APS format. It features a 3x zoom and mid-roll change, which allows you to choose between three picture formats (classic, group, or panoramic) and to change partially exposed films. The C11 is quite compact and extremely simple to operate. The 3x aspherical zoom glass lens permits optimum framing, has drop-in automatic loading with optical double-exposure protection, automatic film speed setting, and active autofocus.

It also has a pop-up multi-program flash with red-eye-reduction, fill-flash, and night-portrait modes. The Leica C11 has an elegant, timeless design with an ergonomic, durable metal casing.

The LEICA C11 at a glance

  • APS (Advanced Photo System) Autofocus-rangefinder camera.

  • Advanced Photo System with mid-roll change allows to choose between 3 picture formats and to change partially exposed films.

  • The 3x zoom lens with various focal lengths permits optimum framing.

  • Drop-in automatic loading with optical double exposure protection.

  • Automatic film speed setting.

  • Focusing with active autofocus.

  • Multi-program flash with red-eye-reduction, filling and night portrait modes ensures good results in every situation.

  • Ergonomic and long-life metal casing, available in two elegant colors (black and silver).

  • Transparent plastic box as a secure transport packaging (part of the delivery scope).

Technical Data LEICA C11

Camera type   APS (Advanced Photo System) - Autofocus viewfinder camera with 3 x zoom lens  
Film type   APS film cartridge (I x 240)  
Film format   16.7 x 30.2 mm
the following are used for the different formats:
C (Classic): 16.7 x 23.4 mm
H (High Definition Television): 16.7 x 30.2 mm
P (Panorama): 9.5 x 30.2 mm  
Print format   Variable, e. g. with
C: 10 x 15 cm
H: 10 x 18 cm
P: 10 x 29 cm  
Lens   Zoom lens f/4.8 - 9.5/23 - 70mm (corresponds to approx. 30mm - 90mm in a 35mm camera), 7 separate lenses  
Film speed setting   Automatic via coding on the film cartridges, from ISO 25/15 to 3200/36  
Film insertion   Simplified, foolproof handling (drop-in automatic loading) with special APS film cartridges. Accidental double exposure ruled out  
Film advance   Automatic film threading and motorized advance to the first picture. Automatic return at the end of the film. Early film return possible. Partially exposed films can be reinserted - without losing any pictures - and used again  
Viewfinder   Real image viewfinder with markings for the AF focus area and for close-up shots. Functional display for AF and exposure measurement with a green LED  
Data field   LCD displays the exposure counter of the film inserted, number of self-timer shots, date and/or time, film type and speed as well as symbols for: battery level and the operating mode and/or functions set, flash loading process, self-timer, film cartridge inserted  
Focusing   Active infrared autofocus, metering range from infinite to 0.6 m  
Exposure control   Programmed auto exposure with automatic exposure control and flash switching, metering range (with ISO 200/24) EV 9.8 (7*) - 17 at 23 mm, or EV 12.8 (7*) - 20 at 23 mm (*values for operation without using the flash)  
AE lock   Storage of the distance and exposure measured valued by lightly pressing on the shutter release  
Shutter   1 sec. to 1/600 sec. in all modes  
Flash functions   Universal mode with automatic flash switching  
Data recording   The photo format set (C, H, P) and information to safeguard the quality of the shot (Basic Print Quality Improvement) are recorded on a magnetic strip on the film  
Data adjustments   Allows the imprinting of day and time or date on the film  
Self-timer   Optionally 1, 2 or 3 shots, delay of 10 sec. before each exposure, display with green LED on the front of the camera  
Dimensions   Width 106 mm, Height 61.5 mm, Depth 35 mm  
Weight   210 g (without battery)  
Miscellaneous   Tripod thread A 1/4 DIN 4503 (1/4")  
Order No.   LEICA C11 Silver: 18 090
LEICA C11 Black: 18 091  

Last updated 9th September 2005