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An ultra-compact, interchangeable-lens camera with high image quality and splash proof construction.

The Minolta Vectis S-1 is the flagship of Minolta’s Vectis line, offering the widest range of Advanced Photo System features plus all the benefits of a complete camera system -- a camera body, interchangeable lenses, and an accessory flash. The S-1 is the world’s most compact interchangeable-lens camera, and the entire Vectis S-1 system is splash proof so you can use it in light rain or snow.

S1 ($349.99 body)


2004/06/27 40.50EUR,
2003/06/28 59EUR (22-80mm, 800DEM new),
2003/06/28 77GBP (28-56, 3500Xi, CG-S1, CS-V2),
2003/06/29 107EUR (22-80mm, case, box), 
2003/06/29 51.98EUR (28-56),
2003/06/29 56GBP (25-150mm),
2003/06/29 77GBP (25-150, SF1, RC3 box),
2003/06/30 143EUR (28-56,56-170, SF1, Fuji AP1),
2003/06/30 149USD (22-80mm box),
2003/07/01 162GBP (28-56, 80-240mm, 2000Xi),
2003/07/01 100USD (28-56,22-80mm, case),
2003/07/23 61USD (28-56),
2003/07/24 120USD (28-56),
2003/07/26 97USD (22-80mm, box),
2003/07/30 71.12USD (kit, 28-56),
2004/02/22 100USD 28-56, 56-170mm),
*2004/08/12 117.50USD (kit, 28-56mm, box),
2004/08/20 48GBP (28-56),
*2004/08/22 33.01GBP (28-56, box),
2004/10/03 81.02EUR (22-80mm, case),
2004/10/12 40GBP (28-56, SF1, case, box),
2004/10/16 68.58EUR (25-150mm),
2004/10/21 52.21EUR (28-56),
2004/10/05 67GBP (22-80, 80-240mm, box),
2004/10/29 129.95USD (28-56, 50mm, SF1, box),
2004/11/10 39.50 (22-80mm, box),
2004/11/14 61.66EUR (22-80mm),
*2004/11/14 50.99GBP (25-150mm, box),
2004/11/14 65GBP (22-80mm, box),
2004/11/21 128GBP (25-150, 80-240, guard, SF-1),
2004/11/21 211EUR (50mm, 28-56, 22-80mm, 80-240mm, box),
2004/11/28 150GBP (50mm, 25-80, 25-150, 80-240, 3500xi, RC-3),
2004/11/04 79EUR (22-80mm),
2004/12/05 111EUR (28-56, 80-240mm),
2004/12/14 99.50USD (28-56),
2005/01/02 41.60EUR (28-56),
2005/01/02 58.99EUR (28-56, box),
2005/01/04 122.50USD (28-56, 80-240mm, case),
2005/01/06 76USD (28-56, 56-170mm),
2005/01/09 96EUR (28-56, 56-170, case),
2005/01/16 61.11EUR (22-80mm),
2005/01/18 132GBP (22-80, 80-240mm, 50mm),
2005/01/18 40.99GBP (22-80mm),
2005/01/19 36.99GBP (22-80mm),
2005/01/25 60USD (28-56, 56-170mm),
2005/01/25 43.02EUR (guard, 25-150mm),
2005/02/06 82.77EUR (22-80mm, SF-1, Vectis 300),
2005/02/12 124.67EUR (25-150mm, 80-240mm, SF-1, case),
2005/02/14 20GBP (22-80mm),
2005/02/14 33.33GBP (56-170mm),
2005/05/28 17.78GBP (28-56),
2005/05/29  22.10GBP (body, box),
2005/06/07  45USD (28-56, remote)
2005/07/11 75GBP (22-80mm with camera guard)
2005/08/04 133.75USD  (2000 + 80-240mm, 22-80mm with camera guard)
2005/09/10 23.50GBP (25-150mm)
2005/10/22 30GBP (22-80mm, box)
2005/11/14 135.50AUD (56.72GBP, 25-150mm)
2005/11/14 41.50EUR (22-80mm)
2006/02/12 21GBP (28-56mm lens)
2006/10/29 14.16GBP (28-56mm lens, boxed)
2007/02/11 112GBP (22-80, 80-240, Macro 50, 400, FS-1)


Versatile System Camera
The Vectis S-1 is the flagship of Minolta’s Vectis line, offering a full system of accessories including interchangeable lenses and a powerful, shoe-mount flash. The Vectis S-1 is the embodiment of Advanced Photo System technology and Minolta’s photographic and design expertise. Its beauty lies in its being a system camera; meaning, a body, interchangeable lenses, and a flash that work together. The Vectis S-1 offers all the high image quality and creative control expected from an interchangeable-lens camera, but with splash proof construction and a much more compact and easier-to-handle design.

Ultra-Compact Design
The Vectis S-1 offers an ultra-compact design unlike any interchangeable-lens camera before it, as well as unsurpassed handling convenience. It is a beautifully-crafted instrument with smooth curves and without cumbersome projections, making it remarkably easy to fit into bags, purses, or even coat pockets.

Splash proof System Construction
The Vectis S-1 features Minolta’s splash proof construction to keep water drops from entering the camera body. Not only is the camera body splash proof, but its interchangeable lenses and dedicated SF-1 flash are as well. With this unique Vectis feature, the entire S-1 system is well-suited for use in light rain or snow.

Extra-Bright, TTL Side Viewfinder
The Vectis S-1’s large and extra-bright TTL (through-the-lens) side viewfinder cuts down on camera bulges, contributes to the overall compactness, and makes viewing significantly more comfortable. It is positioned on the left side of the camera body to keep the user’s nose from hitting the camera (right-eye viewers), and to keep the right hand out of the way (left-eye viewers).

Long Eye Relief and Dioptre Adjustment
Especially important for eyeglass wearers is the viewfinder’s long eye relief of 25mm, plus diopter adjustment from -4 to +2.

Drop-In Loading on the Top Side
For easy roll changing even while the camera is mounted on a tripod, the Vectis S-1’s film is loaded from the top side, instead of from the bottom. Simply open the film chamber door and drop in the film cassette. There are no guides to find or film leaders to stretch. Just pop it in, close the door, and the film will automatically forward itself and advance to the next frame after each shot. With Minolta’s Vectis S-1, film loading is completely mistake free. At the end of the roll, film rewind is automatic. Power rewind can be activated at any time during the roll.

Safety Lock
This unique Vectis feature ensures that the film chamber door always stays shut as long as there is usable film in the camera, thereby eliminating the risk of exposing frames by accidentally opening the film door in mid roll.

Mid-Roll Change
This very convenient feature lets the user rewind the film in mid roll, remove it, and use it later in the same or another camera with MRC. MRC enables the user to use several film types, different ISOs, negative and slide film, or even different cameras at the same time. When the partially used film is inserted into a camera with MRC, the camera will detect the film’s exposure state and advance the film up to the unexposed frame, ready for use.

Selectable Print Aspect Ratios
The Vectis S-1 allows the user to select C (Classic 2:3), H (High Definition TV 9:16), and P (Panorama 1:3) print formats. The viewfinder masks the image frame appropriately for accurate picture composition. A single roll of film can be completely mixed formats.

IX Print Quality Improvement
The Vectis S-1 magnetically records fixed time print mode, filmstrip title, frame title, print quantity, date & time, print format, film orientation, camera orientation, flash fire, scene brightness value, artificial illumination, flash return, and backlighting.

Photographic Data Imprinting
To record important picture-taking information, the Vectis S-1 can imprint lens focal length, ISO, shutter speed, aperture, exposure compensation, and maximum lens aperture onto the back of the photographs.

Print Quantity Selection
This feature allows the user to specify how many prints he or she would like made of a particular photograph before the photograph is taken. Up to nine copies can be selected per shot. If the shot does not work out as desired, the user can reset the print quantity to zero after taking the picture, and the prints will not be made.

Edge Following
This high-precision feature uses spring-loaded writing heads attached to mechanical guides which ensure that IX information is clearly recorded on the filmstrip. The magnetics are written parallel to the film edge, providing the cleanest possible written track.

Fixed Time Printing Mode
This feature enables the camera to record exposure information on the film edge, to communicate exposure data to the photofinisher. FTPM is set for the entire roll, and overrides the processing machine’s automatic corrections for color and exposure so the user can preserve the look of each shot as he or she remembers it.

Continuous Predictive Auto focusing
The Vectis S-1 features a precise, continuous auto focusing system with a wide AF area and predictive focus control. This provides a wide variety of framing choices and a greater ability to focus on fast-moving subjects. Additionally, the focus can be locked by pressing the shutter-release button partway down, allowing the photographer to creatively position the subject anywhere in the viewfinder frame. Manual focusing is also possible by simply twisting the lens focusing ring.

14-Segment Exposure Metering
To ensure precise exposure even in complex lighting situations, the Vectis S-1’s silicon photocell is divided into 14 segments-thirteen in a honeycomb array, plus the background. The uniform size, shape, and distribution of each segment results in precise control of the metering pattern and therefore, the exposure. The Vectis S-1 uses some or all of the metering segments to measure light, depending on subject magnification.

Spot Metering
When spot metering is selected, all of the meter’s sensitivity is concentrated into the centre segment. Spot metering is very useful for biasing the exposure towards a small but critical area of the subject or scene.

Subject Program Selection
This six-program feature provides an easy and intuitive way to take control of the camera’s automatic systems. It includes five separate subject programs plus a full-auto mode. Each subject program is designed for use with a specific scene or situation and is indicated by a recognizable icon in the LCD data panel.

Full Auto
Provides simple "point & shoot" operation, with the camera in full control of autofocus and auto exposure. This mode gives the user complete freedom to concentrate on the subject and scene, and is set automatically when the camera is turned on.

Helps capture the subject’s intricate details in macro photographs, and is best when used with the Minolta V 50mm Macro lens. This mode sets the optimum aperture and shutter combination for maximum depth of field with extreme close-ups.

This mode is best suited for full-frame photographs of people. It favors larger apertures which soften the background, making the main subject stand out.

Night Portrait (slow shutter sync)
Synchronizes the flash with a slow shutter speed to balance the flash illumination on the subject with the background ambient light, in pictures taken in front of an illuminated night scene or at sunset. When used without flash, this mode can be used to capture long exposures of night scenes. A tripod is recommended to prevent camera shake.

Sports Action
Favors fast shutter speeds to capture fast action. Continuous auto focusing tracks moving subjects and predictive AF adjusts focus during the short interval between the instant the shutter-release button is pressed and the moment the shutter opens.

This mode can be used to photograph sweeping scenic vistas or family and friends in front of famous landmarks. Landscape mode maximizes depth of field by favouring small apertures.

Creative Exposure Control
In addition to Full Auto mode and Subject Program Selection, the Vectis S-1 offers the additional creative versatility of Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, and Manual exposure control modes.

In Aperture Priority mode, the photographer selects a desired f/number and the camera’s exposure system will automatically select the correct shutter speed. Likewise, in Shutter Priority mode, the photographer can select a shutter speed and the S-1 will automatically set the appropriate lens aperture. In Manual mode, the photographer can take full creative control over the image-making process by selecting both the shutter speed and the aperture, while referring to the viewfinder’s exposure indicators.

Built-In Flash
The Vectis S1 features a built-in, pop-up flash with a guide number of 46 feet. Autoflash, manual fill, cancel, and red-eye reduction modes can be selected.

Multi-Segment TTL Flash Metering
The Vectis S-1 uses a 14-segment metering system when the flash does not fire, and a 4-segment metering system when the flash fires. The multi-segment TTL system meters the flash output more accurately, because the individual segments carry different weight according to changes in subject magnification. As a result, more accurate flash exposures can be achieved even on small subjects, when subject/background brightness difference is substantial, or with predominantly white or black subjects.

Wireless Remote Flash Control
The Vectis S-1 can control off-camera Maxxum 5400HS, 5400xi, and 3500xi flash units without accessory cords or connectors. Flash control signals are sent from the camera’s built-in flash. In addition, a 2:1 ratio can be selected, where the off-camera flash provides 2/3 of the light, while the built-in flash provides the remaining 1/3 of the light needed to correctly expose the subject.

Title and Date/Time Imprinting with Quick Recall
This feature is ideal for cataloguing photographs or keeping photo records of important events such as birthdays, weddings, graduations, etc. Any of 100 different titles can be imprinted, in 13 different languages. Frame and/or filmstrip titling can be selected. Date/time imprinting is available in year, month, date (mth., dt., yr./dt., mth., yr.)/Hour, minute/No imprinting formats. The user can imprint either the front or the back of the photograph. Quick Recall provides a user-selectable preset memory for 3 titles, available at the touch of a button.

Continuous Film Advance
For action-catching sequences, the S-1 can be set to advance the film at 1 frame per second, for as long as the shutter-release button is held down. Auto focusing adjusts quickly and smoothly to maintain image sharpness between each exposure.

The convenient self-timer delays shutter release for ten seconds and allows the user to set up the shot then appear in the photo.

Interchangeable Accessory Lenses
The Vectis S-1 is designed to be used with the interchangeable Minolta V autofocus lenses. To take full advantage of the compact Vectis design and Advanced Photo System format, Minolta has made significant changes and improvements in lens design. The new Minolta V lenses are 20% smaller and 40% lighter than their 35mm AF SLR equivalents, and feature splash proof construction, improved lens optics, circular apertures, a larger size focusing ring, direct manual focusing, plus the inclusion of the AF motor, aperture control, and AF/M button.

Accessory System Flash SF-1
The optional Vectis System Flash SF-1 is a splash proof, shoe-mount accessory flash with a guide number of 92 feet, which is designed to perfectly complement the Vectis S-1. It can also be used with Maxxum SLR cameras, and supplies coverage for 22mm (28mm in the conventional 35mm format). The SF-1 is compact and lightweight, and includes a macro panel which enables flash coverage down to 9 inches -- the shortest working distance of the Minolta V 50mm Macro lens.


Type Camera battery CR2
Batteries included qty 2
Battery qty 2
Technology Lithium
Camera Format APS
Exposure Range 1/2000 sec 30 sec
Exposure Modes Manual,Program,Automatic,Shutter-priority,Aperture-priority
Timer Functions Self timer
Self Timer Delay 10 sec
Features Autofocus lock,Autoexposure lock
Remote Control Optional Infrared
Shooting Modes Night,Sports,Close-up,Portrait,Landscape
Auto Focus TTL phase detection
Exposure Metering Spot,Honeycomb-pattern
Film Speed Range ISO 6 - 6400
Film Advance Automatic
Shutter Control Electronic
Exposure Range Details EV 3-21
Auto Focus Modes Automatic,Continuous,Single-shot
Information Exchange (magnetic IX) Print quantity,Title imprinting,Date/time imprinting,Mid-Roll Change (MRC),Triple format selection,Fixed time printing mode (FTPM),Print quality improvement (PQI)
X-sync Speed 1/125 sec
Exposure Compensation ±3 EV range, in 1/2 EV steps
Auto Focus Working Range EV 1-19
Exposure Metering Zones 14
Continuous Shooting Speed 1 frame per second
Flash Terminal Hot shoe
Print Quality Improvement (PQI) Yes
Mid-Roll Change (MRC) Yes
Camera Flash
Power Consumption 2.5 sec
Flash modes Auto mode,Fill-in mode,Backlight mode,Flash OFF mode
Guide Number (m / ISO 100) 10
Lens Coverage 22mm
Red Eye Reduction Yes
Localization English:
Lens System
Type Zoom lens Detachable
Lens aperture F/4.0-5.6
Focal Length 28 mm 56 mm
Min focus range 13.8 in
Focus adjustment Manual,Automatic
Optical zoom 2
Max View Angle 63.3 degrees
Lens Construction 7 : 7
Filter size 40.5 mm
Focal length (35mm camera equivalent) 35 - 70mm
Carrying Case None
Tripod Mountable Yes
Tripod None
Weatherproof Yes
Viewfinder Type:Type Fixed eye-level pentaprism
Dioptric Correction Range -4 to +2
Field Coverage 95%
Service / Support 1 year Limited warranty
Service / Support 1 year warranty




Lenses Lined up left to right 17mm, 22-80, 28-56, 50mm macro, 25-150, 56-170, 80-240mm lenses.


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