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A stylish, ultra-compact camera with a 25mm wide angle lens and IX Print Quality Improvement.

The Vectis UC is designed for those who want Advanced Photo System technology with maximum compactness and portability. This stylish, eye-catching camera can be slipped easily into a pocket, purse, or waist pack, and offers a 25mm wide-angle lens (equivalent to approx. 31mm in the conventional 35mm format) so you can fit more of the scene into each picture. Weighs only 4.9 ounces without battery.


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Fashionable, Pocketsize Design
The Vectis UC is designed for those who want Advanced Photo System technology with maximum portability. The camera can be slipped easily into a pocket, purse, or pouch for ultimate take-anywhere convenience. Its lens retracts fully into the body when the power is turned off.

Wide-Angle AF 25mm Lens 
The Vectis UCís autofocusing 25mm f/4 wide angle lens (approximately 30mm in the traditional 35mm format) focuses from as close as 1.3 feet to infinity, and is ideal for scenic, group shots, and general photography.

Drop-In Film Loading
With Minoltaís Vectis UC, film loading is completely mistake free. Simply open the bottom of the Vectis UC and drop in the film cassette. There are no guides to find or film leaders to stretch. Just pop it in, close the film chamber door, and the film will automatically forward itself and advance to the next frame after each shot. At the end of the roll, the film rewinds automatically. The power rewind function can be activated at any time during the roll.

Selectable Print Aspect Ratios
The Vectis UC allows the user to select C (Classic 2:3), H (High Definition TV 9:16), and P (Panorama 1:3) print formats. The viewfinder masks the image frame appropriately for accurate picture composition. A single roll of film can contain mixed formats.

IX Print Quality Improvement
The Vectis UC magnetically records the selected print format, film orientation, flash fire, scene brightness value, artificial illumination, date & time, and magnification onto the edge of the film for automatic communication to the photofinisher.

Precise Autofocusing with Focus Lock 
The Vectis UC features an active infrared autofocusing system which keeps the main subject sharp under a wide variety of shooting situations. The focus can be locked by pressing the shutter-release button partway down, allowing the photographer to creatively position the subject anywhere in the viewfinder frame.

Programmed Autoexposure
For accurate exposures under a wide range of lighting conditions, the Vectis UC features a centre-weighted metering system and an automatic exposure program. Film speeds from ISO 100 to 800 may be used.

Versatile Built-In Flash 
The built-in flash features autoflash, autoflash with red-eye reduction, manual fill-flash, flash cancel, and night portrait (slow shutter sync) modes.

Night Portrait (Slow Shutter Sync) Mode 
This mode synchronizes the flash with a slow shutter speed to balance the flash illumination on the subject with the background ambient light, in pictures taken in front of an illuminated night scene or at sunset.

Date & Time Imprinting 
This feature is ideal for cataloging photographs or keeping photo records of important events such as birthdays, weddings, graduations, etc. Data imprinting is available in year, month, date (mth., dt., yr./dt., mth., yr.)/Hour, minute/No imprinting formats.

The convenient self-timer delays shutter release for ten seconds and allows the user to set up the shot then appear in the photo.

LCD Data Panel 
The large, easy to read LCD data panel displays battery condition, flash modes, red-eye reduction indicator, date/time imprinting, self-timer operation, film loaded, date/time mark, and frame counter.




IX 240 lens-shutter camera.


25mm f/4 (approximately 30mm the conventional 35mm format); 3 elements in 3 groups.


Active infrared type; focus lock possible when shutter-release button is pressed partway down.

Focusing Range:

1.3 ft. - infinity.

Maximum Magnification:



Programmed AE.


Center-weighted type.

Metering Range (at ISO 200):

EV8.0 - EV15.

Shutter Speed Range: 

1/4 - 1/350 sec.

Film Speed Range:

ISO 100 - 800.

Film Transport:

Drop-in loading; backwards frame counter; automatic rewind; mid-roll rewind possible.

Double Exposure Prevention:


Information Exchange (IX):



10 second.


Built-in, fixed, electronic flash-matic type.

Flash Modes:

Autoflash in low light/Autoflash with red-eye reduction in low light/Manual fill-flash/Flash cancel/Night Portrait modes selectable.

Red-Eye Reduction:

Via lamp.

Guide Number (in feet at ISO 200):

32.8 ft.

Flash Range (in feet at ISO 200):

1.3 - 13.8 ft.

Recycling Time:

4 seconds.


Real image type.

Field of View (for subject at 9.8 ft.):

H format: 85%.



Diopter (subject at 9.8 ft.):

-1 diopter.

Print Aspect Ratio (C/H/P) Selection:

External selection, by using IX data.

Data Imprinting:

Imprinting by using IX data. Year, month, date (mth., dt., yr./dt., mth., yr.)/Hour, Minute/No imprinting, Formats selectable. 

Print Quality Improvement (PQI) Data:

Print format, film orientation, flash fire, scene brightness value, artificial illumination, date & time, and magnification magnetically imprinted.


One 3V lithium (CR2).

Battery Condition:

1-stage warning.

Battery Performance:

Approximately 15 rolls of 25-exposure film; flash on 50% of exposures.


4.1 x 2.3 x 1.2 in.

Weight (without battery):

4.9 oz.


Last Updated on 31st January 2005