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The CD 25 was the first of two camera made by Minox for the APS (Advanced Photo system), launched in February/March 1997 for 179USD. It has a strong resemblance to the AF-mini and the later CD 29 (a 35mm camera, designed in collaboration with a design team at Volkswagen).

This is a very basic APS camera without zoom or mid-roll change (both features of the APS system specification). The 25mm f4 Minoctar lens is made of three elements. On the standard 30x17mm negative size this is equivalent to a 31mm lens on a 35mm 24x36mm camera.

Like the CD70 and CD112 that preceded it, manufacturing was in the Far East.

Hopes for a full feature zoom that would do for APS that the Minox 35EL did for compact 35mm cameras in 1974 where quickly dashed. The mantle for the best APS range fell to Canon in the Ixus series and Minolta in the S1 and S100 SLR cameras.

CD25 was made in an all black and a silver version with black band around the viewfinder and flash.

Ebay black 2002/03/30 42.17GBP (box), 2002/04/26 27.50EUR, *2002/04/29 32.03USD, 2005/05/28 15.50EUR, 2005/06/30 106USD (#10020652), 2005/07/05 52USD (box), 2005/12/17 17.16USD (box), 2005/12/23 5.51EUR (case)

Ebay chrome 2002/05/03 25.50EUR, 2006/12/15 23.38USD (box), 2006/12/26 2.50EUR, 2007/06/03 2.49EUR (box)


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