EMO-OPTIK Arthur Seibert Emoskop

The Emoskop is a combined telescope, magnifier and microscope only 42mm long in a close fitting cylindrical leather case (in brown or black).

Arthur Seibert ( 1906- 1980) was Ernst Leitz lens designer from 1920 to 1947. In 1948 Seibert left Leitz and undertook the task of designing a subminiature lens for the Minox camera. Arthur Seibert was a great optics designer, his most famous designs were the five element Pentar lens of Minox II and the COMPLAN lens for Minox III/IIIs/B, and early Minox C. The Pentar and COMPLAN are still two of the sharpest subminiature lens-- in fact the sharpest of any commercial photographic lens”.

In 1951, Arthur Seibert formed his own optics company, EMO-OPTIK in Wetzlar, West Germany. Many EMO's products are masterpieces of optical design, for example:

  1. Highly corrected EMO Wetzlar 5x Macromax loupe
  2. Emoskop : this marvel is a telescope, a microscope and three magnifier in a pocket package only 50mm long. It is the optical equivalent of a Swiss Army knife.
  3. Octoskop : A combination loupe with eight magnifications: 2x 4x 6x 10 x 14x 18x 20x 28 x .

An Emoskop in an all plastic construction has been made in China. Some Emoskops came with an accessory stand for use as a microscope.

Model Emoskop
Finish/colour Black with silver thumb grip for telescope part
Lens five coated glass elements in three groups, flat field achromatic
Case brown leather
Dimensions Full length 42mm, diameter 21mm
Weight 28 grams
Instructions English and German
Purchased 2002/08/09
Date of Manufacture  
Cost 82.50USD (53.59GBP)
Current Value 85USD
Auction Price Ebay 2002/08/09 82.50USD , 2003/03/25 75USD (engraved Wetzlar/Germany Haverhills, black case), 2003/05/06 83.55USD (black case), 2003/05/22 113.51USD, 2004/02/07 30.49EUR (no case), 2004/02/22 61.11EUR (black case), 2004/03/19 205.50USD, *2004/04/05 69.65EUR (black leather, box), 2004/04/25 72EUR (black leather, box), 3004/05/09 48.33EUR, 2004/05/23 20.50EUR (with microscope tube, case), 2004/10/04 104.50USD (black case, engraved Wetzlar/Germany), 2004/10/04 95.03USD (engraved Wetzlar/Germany Haverhills, black case), 2005/01/15 123.50USD (black case), 2005/03/21 169.49USD (black case), 2005/03/21 147.05USD (brown case), 2005/03/22 96USD (brown case), 2005/04/18 31USD (black case), 2005/04/18 82USD (brown case), 2005/05/15 77.99USD (stand, case, box), 2005/06/04 77.99USD (case), 2005/06/19 82.26USD (black case), 2006/03/28 75USD (black case), 2006/04/17 60USD (engraved Wetzlar/Germany), 2006/07/25 91.10USD (case), 2007/01/13 44USD, 2007/09/16 31USD (case), 2007/10/08 40USD (case), 2007/10/10 44.10USD (case), 2007/10/22 31.33USD (case)
Comment Metal, possibly brass with engraving EMO SEIBERT Wetzlar and 'W. Germany'

The three parts are combined to give a telescope of 2.5x, magnifications of 5x, 10x,15x and a microscope of 25x and 30x.

The top and middle pieces (see photograph above) are combined to give an adjustable 2.5x telescope.

The middle piece is a 5x magnifier.

The bottom piece (far right) is a 10x magnifier.

Middle and bottom combine to give 15x magnification.

All three combine to give 25x microscope. By pulling the ocular out of the objective tube magnifications between 25x and 30x can be obtained. The ocular is itself a x5 magnifier when viewed through the tube.

When used as a microscope the working distance is 24mm from the object.

When used as a telescope 2.5x/teleloupe 3x

When used as a Loupe

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