EMO-OPTIK Arthur Seibert EmoScop (SM)

The EMO Wetzlar EmoScop is made of macrolon. It has one advantage over the metal Seibert-Emoskop: in telescope mode, the inner tube of EmoScop has a internal groove such that the eyepiece tube cannot be pull out without squeezing the tube, unlike the Emoskop the inner tube can be pull apart easily.  Hence the Emoscop telescope can be focused as close as 6". The original Seibert Emoskop close focus to about 8".

The original Seibert Emoskop performs better then the later macrolon version Emoscop SM (SM for super mini).

Ebay 2004/06/23 61.10EUR, 2004/07/31 52EUR, 2005/09/30 58.70EUR (case, stand), 2005/10/30 66.68EUR, 2006/01/21 52.10EUR, 2006/02/05 41.50USD, 2007/10/14 29.50EUR

Last Updated on 25th October 2007