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This section contains a some subminiature binoculars, monoculars and emoscopes and their accessories. Each monocular is listed on a separate page including variations, photographs and details of manufacture date, purchase date and an estimate of the current cost of purchase (new or second-hand) and links to hand books, instructions and leaflets that have been published about them.

This small collection of subminiature binoculars and monocular and accessories was began in 2001 with the majority collected from Ebay.

These are pocketable small objects of desire. Although not directly accessories for subminiature cameras they are a welcome addition and have amazing optics.  It is also possible to use these with Minox cameras using the Minox binocular attachment.

See Dave Walker's digital macro photography with Emoscop

There is also a discussion group for Emo-Optik at

A web site dedicated to monoculars from the collection of Ulrich Zeun is at


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