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including "pro" 110 cameras from 110, Agfa, Balda, Canon, Hanimex, Leica, Micky Wonders Why Micro 110, Minimax, Minolta, Minox, National, Pentax, Rollei, Tasco, Vivitar, Voigtländer and, Yashica,


Including cameras from Binoca, Coronet Miget, Edixa, Fotal, Gami, Goldammer Goldeck, Kiev, Mamiya, Mec, Merlin, Mikroma, Minicord, Minifex, Minolta, Narciss, Olympus, Pentacon, Petie/Tuxi, Rex, Ricoh, Rollei, Rubix, Steky, Stylophot, Tynar, Universal,  Viscawide, Whittaker and Yashica


Hit type and other cameras using 17.5m roll film including Bell 14, Gemflex, Homer, Kiku, Midget, Mycro, Prince, Rocket, Top, Vestakam, Vesta, over 150 makes and over 450 variations. The most detailed listing found anywhere.


including subminiature 35mm cameras from Ducati, Minox, Rollei, Minolta, Photavit, Tessina


including the Bolsey 8mm movie/ still camera, Echo 8 and Camera-Lite


Acmel, Cosmo Omega, Minox, Nikkoh, P3, Porst, Revue, Sharan and Yashica including the largest source of Minox manuals, brochures and literature available anywhere.


APS cameras from Canon (Ixus), Minox, Minolta (Vectis), Nikon, Fujifilm, Leica


Small objects of desire, cameras, but not functional for taking photographs these have clocks in places of lens. Also merchandise relating to manufactures of subminiature cameras such as key fobs, wrist watches, desk top mats, posters and counter displays.


including Ferro GF-81/GF-82, Magna Wristamatic, Petal, Steinneck


hot links to web sites with subminiature cameras for sale. Private sales and Ebay fast search options for particular camera manufacturers including price guide.


other general accessories that apply to more than one format

Going Digital

Going Digitalwith
Digital compact camerast
Tinycams tinycams, pocket digital cameras under 120cc small and light enough never to be left at home.

Large & Odd

large format subminiature cameras including Compass, Eljy Lumiere, F21, Kombi, Photolet, Sida, Ulca, Univex-OO, Expo, Expo Police,  Lancaster's Watch, Photoret, Pocket Presto and Warsavie


monocular, telescopes, binocular and other pocket optical devices

Last updated 24th June 2007