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This is a one stop shop for subminiature cameras and accessories.

This section makes available direct links for the subminiature sections of several camera shops and Ebay auction searches. In addition a number of private 'for sales' pages are hosted by www.submin.com.

Private sales are by individuals and organizations who are not  professional photographic outlets.

The links here are provided as a service and do not constitute a recommendation as to the quality of goods or service as supplied by the shop or private seller advertised in this section. Known bad sellers are automatically excluded.

As always with items purchased by mail order and on-line 'caveat emptor' - let the buyer beware. Often the seller's idea of good, excellent and mint have no resemblance to your own. If you want mint you might get it when buying new. Even the most perfectly well look after camera after a few years may not work fully. A service is not always needed, nor the best solution and should only be considered as first choice to repair faults. If at all possible clarify all details with the seller before buying (and definitely before placing a bid on an auction). Even with the most honest and friendly of seller problems do occur. Report problems immediately and ask for help from the seller. With postage costs and sometimes import duties even a full refund of the cost normally excludes postage costs. You may be better off reselling 'as is' than getting a refund; or get an agreement with the seller.

Dealers Beware! An internet scam with a delayed reaction - having a banker's draft, cashed and cleared can still result in a claim against you several weeks later when the cheque proved to be a fake.

Other sources 

http://www.Amateurphotographer.co.uk/ the leading UK publication on photography including an extensive bulleting board at http://www.amateurphotographer.com/cgi-bin/wwwthreads/wwwthreads

For a list of shops and camera repairers in the UK visit http://www.acecam.com/britain1.html

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UK camera shops - an index of over a 1000 shops searchable by name, town, web site & specialism

Processing Laboratories that handle subminiature film formats.

Shutterbug with the Classified at http://www.shutterbug.net/classifieds/classified.htm (subminiature section at http://www.shutterbug.net/classifieds/classpg5.htm#25 ) There is also a guide to buying by mail order http://www.shutterbug.net/print_ads/mail_order_hints.cfm 

Small Battery Company for a range of replacement and equivalent batteries. Also check out 7dayshop.com for price comparisons

Any questions should be addressed to the shop or person concerned and not to www.submin.com.

Please report any omissions or faults to us.


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