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8x11film - Dedicated to promoting the techniques of processing ultra high resolution film and Spur Nanospeed developers the site includes sample prints from Minox 8x11 cameras that are amazing. Creased trading 2009

© Minox-Spezial-Labor Paarz © Minox-Spezial-Labor Paarz, specialized processing of Minox film and films for sale creased trading 31st December 2005.

Minox-Spezial-Labor Paarz
      Kleestieg 5
      37077 Göttingen / Germany
      Tel.: +49 551 21077
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Including details on the ARMBAND-CAMERA  AC 60.
tel: +49 271 66097 47  mobile 0171-365 89 64
Carsten Chadt Fotofachlabor GmbH, LAB811
In der Steinwiese 76 · 57074 Siegen, Germany
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United States of America

The Covert Camera - ( Subminiature film developing and cartridge reloading. Process Minox, Minolta, and other subminiature format films, returning the film cartridges with your finished prints.

Old-School Photo Lab for 110, APS, 35mm, 120, 127/828 film processing.

c/o Photosmith
263 Central Ave
Dover, NH 03820
United States of Amercia

Phone # is: + 01 603.742.6659


David Maliniak
P.O. Box 268
Gilbertsville, Pa. 19525-0268

We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality photographic processing and finishing. We apply the most stringent quality controls to all of our processes to ensure the best possible result. We work with the artist personally to help him or her achieve their ultimate vision. Most importantly, our entire staff is comprised of active film photographers; we treat your processing and printing requests in exactly the same manner we treat our own.

Blue Moon Camera and Machine, LLC
8417 N. Lombard St.
Portland, OR 97203
Phone (01) 503.978.0333
Fax: 503-978-0370


P.O. BOX 1041,  New Hyde Park,  New York 11040-0599
 USA. Tel: 516-437-5750 Fax: 516-775-89-24.

Often called MPL in the discussion group processing details cam be found on the Minox web site

Minox empty cassettes @ 10 for $12.50 plus $2.50 S&H

From follow Collate/Colors to view some interesting cameras, a 'hermaphrodite' Minox B, partly in black and partly in chrome. It's the "Meisterstueck" (masterpiece) he made to prove his skills when he was an apprentice at the Minox factory in Heuchelheim. Many such cameras were made in two colors to distinguish them from assembly-line products. They were assembled by a single person, a single pair of hands. Thanks to Peter Zimmerman

GOATHILL ( carry a wide variety of films designed to fit hundreds of subminiature cameras including colour, black & white, negative & slide; even microfilm & infrared emulsions. They can supply slide mounts from full-frame 35mm to Minolta/Rollei 16mm. Glassless & glass mounts as well. A wide variety of owner's manuals, articles & books available. If you lack the time or facilities needed to reload your own submin cassettes, they'll do it for you!  E-mail: Joe McGloin, 3271 S. Clay St.,Sheridan, CO 80110


United Kingdom

MS Hobbies, 
Todday Beag
Nethy Bridge,
Inverness-shire PH25 3DE,

Contact:  01479 821914 for camera sales and service, and 01264 737709 for repairs.E-mail: URL . New and second-hand cameras with full support, repairs and the only processing handling service in the UK.


Camera Shop -Lymington


The Camera Shop
50 High Street
Hants SO14 8AG 

Our Phone # is: +44-(0)1590 673541

Fax: +44-(0)1590 688435



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