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Some of these books listed below are still in print and are easy to find. Others have been out-of-print for many years and are difficult to locate. In this case, check out the SubClub BASEMENT section of the LIBRARY. Many of these books were available in different editions, which included different information depending on the edition.

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8x11 & 16mm Books and Literature

The section on Minox (and other 8x11 format)  books can be found under 8x11 Books.

The section on Minolta, Rollei, Mamiya, Kiev, Yashica  and other 16mm books can be found under 16mm Books

Manuals & Books

Supplies of manuals and books can be seen under General - Links - Suppliers of Manuals. Original and photo-copies are available from a number of places.

Dust Jackets

Ultra-miniature Photography by Joseph D. Cooper (jacket cover only) (2.59Mb)

New Ultra-miniature Photography by Joseph D. Cooper (jacket cover only) (1.69Mb)

Articles in Magazines

Developing Your Own Slide Films

Subminiatures, Photography May 56 (3.91Mb)

Modern Photography 58/04 "Ultra-miniature Cameras" by Joseph D. Cooper (1.21Mb)

Photo Guide 63/02 "Not Just Small" by Ron Hack and Ken Bailey (3.58Mb)

Popular Photography August 1963 special issue on SMALL CAMERAS SUB-35 & Subminiature (31 pages, 49.7Mb)

Photo Guide 63/02 "PM Tests" (3.64Mb)

Popular Mechanics November 1965 SUB-MINIs Those Mighty Midget Cameras by Bob Berger (3.89Mb)

Traditional Photography is fading from the picture Computing 30th October 2003

Zwerg-Kameras aus aller Welt, Hobby 54/07seit 39-43 (in German) (5.28Mb)

Petersen's Guide to Pocket Camera by Kalton C.Lahue and the
Editors of Photographic Magazine 1973
(83 pages, 118Mb) PDF

Photo Techniques April 1976 Format Wars (74 pages, 226 Mb) PDF

Classic Camera No.12 price list (3.84Mb)

Eyes for Spies Oct 1987 Smithsonian (17.4Mb)

Photo Deal II/95 Cornwall advertisement (1.47Mb)

Camera Shopper 95/03 Eliminating Knobs and Levers by Jerry Friedman (3.74Mb)

Camera Shopper 95/05 Round Subminiature Cameras: Part 1 (3.76Mb)

Camera Shopper 95/06 Round Subminiature Cameras: Part 2 (3.67Mb)

Camera Shopper 95/12 "Subminiatures: Early Bakelite Beauties" by Jerry Friedman (2.76Mb)

Photo Deal III/2000 Transparente Minox-Raritäten in 8x11 und KB (9.04Mb)

Photo Deal II/2004 Raritäten in Köln (1.11Mb)

Guardian 8.1.2005 Time to snap up Antique Cameras (2.35Mb)

Gesellschaft fur Photohistorica e.V. Sonderdruck Miniatrurkameras (2017)


A number of articles have appeared in :-
Camera Shopper. Original newspapers can be found for 2-5USD.
Christie's Catalogues  
Classic Camera Original magazines can be found for 9.99USD
Cyclope Original magazines can be found for 9EUR
Gesellschaft fur Photohistorica  Cabinett Original magazines can be found for 18EUR
Photo Deal Original magazines can be found for 6EUR
Photographica Original magazines can be found for 3GBP

Other Magazines


Featured Books

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