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Robert Chapman, Photochemistry:Removing antihalation backings. PHOTO TECHNIQUES, 5-6/1996

Robert Chapman, Photochemistry:Edge effects and mackie lines. PHOTO TECHNIQUES, 9-10/1996

Joseph Cooper, And some are bigger than others. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 5/1966

Joseph Cooper, The boom in ultraminiature photography: Advantages and limitations of tiny precision cameras. What to expect of them. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 3/1958

Joseph Cooper, For clear, grainless enlargements, a return to normal -- the use of relatively slow films. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 4/1958

Joseph Cooper, A laundry list of do's and don'ts to help you get the best results from your ultraminiature camera. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 5/1958

Joseph Cooper, Color in ultraminiature: Improved equipment and materials make it possible to get good 8 x 10 prints. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 6/1958

Joseph Cooper, Processing your own ultraminiature films: What equipment you need, the correct procedure to follow. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 7/1958

Joseph Cooper, Depth of field: Is it really a problem in ultraminiature work. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 8/1958

Joseph Cooper, Binocular photography with the ultraminiature: Some pointers for better pictures. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 9/1958

Joseph Cooper, More about developers: How to choose the best one for the job. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 10/1958

Joseph Cooper, The danger of dust and scratches on negatives: how to avoid them. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 11/1958

Joseph Cooper, Camera movement: The biggest cause of unsharp pictures. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 12/1958

Joseph Cooper, From Photokina: much new auxiliary equipment. Can we hope for some standardization. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 1/1959

Joseph Cooper, More news from Photokina: The problems of standardization. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 2/1959

Joseph Cooper, How to select the best equipment to make your own prints. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 3/1959

Joseph Cooper, Is fine grain really essential? The illusion of sharpness and how you can achieve it. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 4/1959

Joseph Cooper, New German ultraminiature now available in the United States. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 5/1959

Joseph Cooper, Processing: the key to quality. You must exercise step by step control. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 6/1959

Joseph Cooper, From Philadelphia Show: revolutionary cassette without felt light strips, two new ultraminiatures. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 7/1959

Joseph Cooper, Contest results reflect common picture taking errors. Here's what to try -- and what to avoid. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 8/1959

Joseph Cooper, Exposure problems with ultraminiatures: How they differ from those with larger film-size cameras. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 9/1959

Joseph Cooper, Why not shoot color? Materials and equipment now available make it easy to get good results. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 10/1959

Joseph Cooper, Small size makes ultraminiatures ideal for unobtrusive shooting. Here are some candid techniques. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 11/1959

Joseph Cooper, Want sharp, grainless 16 x 20's? You can get them every time with improved, special purpose films. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 12/1959

Joseph Cooper, With flash you can take pictures anywhere at any time. Here's how to use it with your ultraminiature. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 1/1960

Joseph Cooper, Want to make your own prints? Here are some tips on special ultraminiature enlarging techniques. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 2/1960

Joseph Cooper, Save money, get finer-grained, larger, sharper pictures by loading your own cassettes. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 3/1960

Joseph Cooper, The problems of flash exposure with the Minox: Here's a special technique for shooting close-ups. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 4/1960

Joseph Cooper, First of a series: The complete story on equipment, materials, procedure for developing and printing your ultraminiature films. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 5/1960

Joseph Cooper, Developing and printing: Part II. Four developing tanks and how to load them. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 6/1960

Joseph Cooper, A detailed report on the new ultraminiature products that were presented at the St. Louis show. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 7/1960

Joseph Cooper, Developing and printing: Part III. Some suggestions on choosing the best developer for your films. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 8/1960

Joseph Cooper, Developing and printing: Part IIII. Care and cleanliness. The secrets of successful film processing. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 9/1960

Joseph Cooper, Developing and printing: Part V. Want to make your own prints? Here's how to choose an enlarger. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 10/1960

Joseph Cooper, Developing and printing: Part VI. Methods for selecting the best negatives for enlarging. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 11/1960

Joseph Cooper, Developing and printing: Part VII. The first step to perfect prints is dust and scratch prevention. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 12/1960

Joseph Cooper, News from Photokina: Six new cameras shown -- progress report on standardization of cassettes. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 1/1961

Joseph Cooper, How to view, judge and store your negatives. More news from Photokina: new Minox filter sets. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 2/1961

Joseph Cooper, Developing and printing: Part VIII. How to set up and maintain a darkroom; more about dust prevention . MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 3/1961

Joseph Cooper, Developing and printing: Part IX. Don't overlook the psychological factors when making quality prints. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 4/1961

Joseph Cooper, Developing and printing: Part X. The final steps in preparing your prints for exhibition. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 5/1961

Joseph Cooper, New products exhibited at the Philadelphia trade show include five cameras, enlarger, processing unit. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 6/1961

Joseph Cooper, New 35mm camera has motor, is smaller than 16mm ultraminiatures, takes 23 14 x 21mm shots on a roll. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 7/1961

Joseph Cooper, Got shooting problems? The commercial processors analyze some common picture taking mistakes. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 8/1961

Joseph Cooper, Aiming for big camera quality? Make grain a secondary consideration, and take better pictures. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 9/1961

Joseph Cooper, Why, when and how to shoot close-ups: Special techniques for proper framing, maximum sharpness. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 10/1961

Joseph Cooper, More about shooting close-ups: Special techniques for flowers, architecture, copying. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 11/1961

Joseph Cooper, Tripods: luxury or necessity? Test your own steadiness to determine when you need one. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 12/1961

Joseph Cooper, Do you find that a tripod is too much to carry? Here are some handy substitutes. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 1/1962

Joseph Cooper, For candid portraiture, solve contrast problems by buying -- or making -- a portable reflector. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 2/1962

Joseph Cooper, Who says the ultraminiature's impractical? It's about the most practical camera around. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 3/1962

Joseph Cooper, Don't limit yourself to on-camera flash pictures. An extension cord provides bounce, other effects. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 4/1962

Joseph Cooper, Two ways to project your color: Buy a special projector or adapt your present one. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 5/1962

Editors, Ansco micro 110: World's smallest full system camera. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 12/1986

Editors, Bigger Copy:- Wants to make a full frame internegative from a half-frame black and white. POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY, 1/1994

Editors, Half-framers, Unite!. POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY, 4/1994

Editors, Quality. PHOTO TECHNIQUES, 7/1996

Editors, Kodak's Pocket Camera is Here. POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY, 6/1972

Editors, Eyes for Spies. SMITHSONIAN, 10/1987

Editors, Subminiature Camera Lives. POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY, 3/1992

Editors, Netsurfers sight subs. POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY, 9/1997

Ed Feingersh, Minox Enlargements. POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY, 8/1958

Norman Goldberg, Inside the pocket instamatic. POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY, 7/1972

Norman Goldberg, Making the 110 camera. POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY, 9/1972

Norman Goldberg, More new products from Chicago's PMA show. POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY, 8/1975

Norman Goldberg, A Working-model 110 SLR with interchangable lenses!. POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY, 10/1975

Roger Hicks, Subminiatures: Back to a little love affair, SHUTTERBUG, 6/1997

Dave Howard, Sub-Mini -- The forgotten format. DARKROOM PHOTOGRAPHY, 2/1990

Michael Korda,  Subminiatures -- The giant killers?. POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY, 5/1966

Myron Matzkin, Start small, think big. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 2/1966

Moses Morris, Minox -- Small wonder for 50 years (part 1). SHUTTERBUG, 8/1986

Moses Morris, Minox -- Small wonder for 50 years (part 2). SHUTTERBUG, 10/1986

Moses Morris, Minox -- Small wonder for 50 years (part 3). SHUTTERBUG, 12/1986

Moses Morris, Minox -- Small wonder for 50 years (part 4). SHUTTERBUG, 1/1987

Moses Morris, Minox -- Small wonder for 50 years (part 5). SHUTTERBUG, 2/1987

Moses Morris, Minox -- Small wonder for 50 years (part 6). SHUTTERBUG, 4/1987

Moses Morris, Minox -- Small wonder for 50 years. SHUTTERBUG, 5/1987

Moses Morris, Minox -- Small wonder for 50 years (part 7). SHUTTERBUG, 6/1987

Moses Morris, Secrets of a World War II Matchbox Camera. SHUTTERBUG, 6/1986

Thurman Naylor, The Great Spy Cameras -- Part I. SHUTTERBUG, 3/1987

Thurman Naylor, The Great Spy Cameras -- Part II. SHUTTERBUG, 4/1987

Thurman Naylor, The Great Spy Cameras -- Part III. SHUTTERBUG, 5/1987

Thurman Naylor, The Great Spy Cameras -- Part IV. SHUTTERBUG, 6/1987

Thurman Naylor, The Great Spy Cameras -- Part V. SHUTTERBUG, 7/1987

Thurman Naylor, The Great Spy Cameras -- Part VI. SHUTTERBUG, 8/1987

Thurman Naylor, The Great Spy Cameras -- Part VII. SHUTTERBUG, 9/1987

Thurman Naylor, The Great Spy Cameras -- Part VIII. SHUTTERBUG, 10/1987

Thurman Naylor, The Great Spy Cameras -- Part IX. SHUTTERBUG, 11/1987

Thurman Naylor, The Great Spy Cameras -- Part X. SHUTTERBUG, 12/1987

Thurman Naylor, The Great Spy Cameras -- Part XI. SHUTTERBUG, 1/1988

Thurman Naylor, The Great Spy Cameras -- Part XII. SHUTTERBUG, 2/1988

Thurman Naylor, It's a Lorgnette, Detective Camera, Spyglass, Magnifying Glass ... It's a Brins. SHUTTERBUG, 1/1986

Michael Pritchard, Spy Camera: A Century of detective and subminiature cameras. POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY, 8/1994

Dan Richards, A Shirt-pocket Original Update: Minox Touring. POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY, 3/1991

Norman Rothschild, Is 35-mm Dead?. POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY, 9/1972

Norman Rothschild, Move over, 35 -- It's 110 Time. POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY, 9/1972

Jason Schneider, What are the Russians up to now?. MODERN PHOTOGRAPHY, 12/1986

Bob Schwalberg, Pocket cartridge camera has rangefinder-coupled f/2 lens, aperture-preferred automation. POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY, 8/1975

William White, A Camera within a Camera. SHUTTERBUG, 2/1986

William White, The Fascinating Fotal. SHUTTERBUG, 8/1986

William White, ASR. SHUTTERBUG, 4/1985


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