Go to the main index The Microdot history and application by William White Ph.D

1992, Phillips Publications
  • Contents
  • Definitions
  • Historical Background of Secret Writing
  • Historical Development of the Microphotograph
  • Applications of Microphotography to Military Communications
  • Emanuel Goldberg and the Mikrat
  • Further Developments of the Microdot
  • The Microdot in world War II
  • Allied Microdot in World War II
  • The Cold War Era
  • The Robert Glenn Thompson Case
  • Practical Guide to Making Microdots
  • Microdots and the Computer
  • Analog Versus Digital Processing of Microdots
  • Electrophotographic and Electrographic Microdots
  • Multi-Dimensional Microdots
  • Laser-Produced and Holographic Microdots
  • The Future of microdot Technology
  • Appendices including
    • A personal biographical memoir sent by Walter Zapp to Frederic Luther 10th August 1981.

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